Zoldakova- foto

Zoldakova- foto

Lúdmila Žoldáková will deliver her talk “Estonian Mythology as a Source of Inspiration” on Tuesday, 20 October at 5 p.m. at Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia pst 7, IV floor, room 405). The talk will be held in English. Q&A session after the talk.
In September Lúdmila delivered a talk about Slovak fashion design and Slavic mythology as a source of inspiration. Now it is time for Estonian mythology! During her stay in Tallinn Lúdmila has been working on a small collection of headwear inspired by Estonian traditional costume and folk legends, especially those about the skies. Hämarik and Koit, Birds Way (Milky Way), Moon and Star, etc. These stories are probably familiar to you. How about taking a look at how a foreigner’s eye sees them?
Free entrance. All are welcome!
Lúdmila Žoldáková is a Slovak illustrator and fashion designer. Since 2008 she has been running her own fashion brand LU:KA known for her feminine and colourful style. Lúdmila’s recent fashion projects has been inspired by history, traditions, mythology, books and fairy tales. Lúdmila is committed to ethical business values such as animal rights, local production, recycling and up-cycling. In the creative process Lúdmila is looking for freedom – “I love to be creative in the process of creation, not planning every single detail. I want to be carried away by colors, stories, materials and different techniques.” Lúdmila will stay in Estonia till 30 October.
In the beginning of March Tallinn Creative Hub announced with K.A.I.R – Košice Artist in Residence an exchange project for creative professionals for staying two months in Estonia and Slovakia. In August and September an Estonian product designer Johanna Tammsalu was in Košice and since the beginning of September a Slovakian fashion designer Lúdmila Žoldáková has been in Tallinn.
The talk is organised in collaboration with Tallinn Creative Hub and Estonian Academy of Arts.
The exchange project is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.
Creative Education of Tallinn Creative Hub: Dagmar Kase, Project Manager / dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee / +372 58 874 921 / www.kultuurikatel.ee
Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Fashion Design: Marit Ahven, Docent / marit.ahven@artun.ee / www.artun.ee




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