WIP – Work in Progress
27.11. – 13.12.2015 in Y Gallery (Jakobi 1, Tartu)

The title of the exhibition, from one hand, refers to the glam and elitism of movie industry – this is also supported by the spatial design (red carpet, red curtains). From the other hand it speaks of the controversy between completeness and finality in the context of the digital era. Animation as digital file is open to endless aftertreatment and changes – it is up to every animator to decide, when a new piece emerges from initial material, and when it is the case of correction of an old project.
The exhibition „Work in Progress“ is mostly comprised of works by artists who graduated the animation MA studies of Estonian Art Academy in the summer of 2015. Exposed are films, objects and materials that reflect the work process. In the context of art gallery raw materials, sketches and single frames have the effect of independent and completed works, although by nature they are subject to a greater whole. „Work in Progress“ gives an overview of the diversity of animation techniques and their emergence through personal differences. The exhibition is followed by workshops that enable the audience to see the making of animation films and try the most common animation techniques.
Ülo Pikkov has referred to the rituality of film watching in the spatial context of a movie theatre, where certain actions (focusing on the screen, following the plot, switching oneself out of everyday life, etc) are performed. Besides entertainment, a movie theatre plays great role in socializing and strengthening common values that are confirmed by the emotions that have been commonly experienced by the audience (Ülo Pikkov, Animasoofia. Tallinn: Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, 2010, p 147-148.). The gallery space, like also movie theatre, gives a time-space form to the experience of artworks, which also has a ritual dimension, while it still remains as something personal.
The animation films exposed in the show have been produced in several different techniques and created by artists, who have very different life experience and worldview:
Teemu Hotti, Kreeta Kanger-Käeri, Ülo Pikkov, Sven-Tõnis Puskar, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau, Francesco Rosso , Ave Taavet, Liis Viira.
The exhibition is opened in 27.11. at 7 PM
Opening hours Wed-Fri: 12-19, Sat-Sun: 12-17



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