Spin-Off Entrepreneurship

10 April 2017 Estonian Academy of Arts Guidelines for Spin-Off Collaboration


1. In collaborating with spin-off enterprises, the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) proceeds from the 2016-2020 objective of the EAA Strategy for Research, Development and Creative Activity (RDC) to firmly tie EAA in with the innovation chain and contribute to the creation and development of services, products and business processes with high added value.


2. The EAA spin-off enterprise is an enterprise that has concluded a spin-off collaboration contract with EAA, and:

– the founders and/or shareholders of which are EAA and/or its members, and

– uses the academy’s intellectual capital* and/or infrastructure in its activity, in agreement with EAA, and

– emphasises its connection to EAA in developing its business activity.

* Intellectual capital is understood as knowledge, information, intellectual property, experiences, etc.


3. The spin-off collaboration contract is used to agree upon the fields of collaboration, joint activities and the conditions for using EAA’s intellectual property and/or infrastructure, if necessary.


4. The decision to sign a spin-off collaboration contract with an enterprise is based on a substantiated proposal by the EAA Department of Research and Development, and it is made by a committee that consists of the Rector, Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Head of Research and Development, Entrepreneurship Consultant and the Dean of the faculty responsible for the field of activity of the spin-off enterprise. Other members will be added to the committee, if necessary.


5. EAA’s participation in a spin-off enterprise is decided on a case-by-case basis by the EAA Council. The proposal to participate will be presented to the Council for decision by the committee outlined in clause 4 of the present document with a respective substantiated decision.


6. The spin-off enterprise strives to:

– be a flexible link that develops entrepreneurship in the collaboration between EAA, enterprises and investors;

– raise additional financial resources to develop the results of RDC into services and products;

– apply EAA’s research results in business;

– earn income for both EAA and its members;

– support the development of enterprising EAA.


7. Both EAA and the spin-off enterprise search for opportunities to finance joint projects and participate in joint research and development projects, where possible.


8. The EAA Department of Research and Development:

– analyses possibilities for more efficient application of the intellectual capital and infrastructure belonging to EAA by collaborating with spin-off enterprises, while also considering the accompanying risks;

– gives advice to spin-off enterprises on starting and developing mutual collaboration, and helps create connections with a contact network of science parks, entrepreneurs and investors.


EAA spin-off enterprises:

Mokoko Labs OÜ
Small compact leather accessories.

Stiilitarid OÜ
A company that offers personal and wardrobe styling.

Stuudio TeMa OÜ
A company that offers interior architecture and furniture design solutions.

Stuudio TAJU OÜ
A design company that focuses on designing small ships, an area that has been overlooked in Estonia to date, but it also offers other design services such as interior architecture and furniture design.

Product and service design, animations.

Disainiosakond OÜ
Graphic design, winners of the Design Management Europe Award 2012

Meem OÜ
Graphic design, design of the NOPE magazine.

Taikonaut OÜ
Product design, active mentors at EAA events.

Kujum OÜ
Production of design solutions and cross-media to develop entrepreneurship.

Jokoko OÜ
A product design company.

Toorium OÜ

A product design company.


The spin-off programme is lead and managed by

Kelli Turmann

Entrepreneurship Consultant


626 7345

Estonia pst 7, room 512

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