Optional Subjects

For full-time students the registration for optional subjects in 2016/2017 spring semester takes place in Study Information System SIS (ÕIS) from 12th January 00:00 until January 15th 23:59.

Separate registration form will be sent out to all exchange students on 17th January by the International Office. You will be informed about the registration details accordingly.

How to declare optional subjects


VA90K Lectures on contemporary architecture (1 ECTS)

VA98 Wood composition (2 ECTS)

VA0012 Estonian Language Course (5 ECTS)

VA0014 Shaping the Clay (3 ECTS)

VA112 Basics of Blacksmithing (2 ECTS)

VA114 Fused glass techniques: pâte de verre (glass paste techniques) (2 ECTS)

VA86K English with Native Speaker (3 EAP)

VA109 Cinema, Aesthetics (3 ECTS)

VA120 East European art and decoloniality (3 ECTS)

VA102 Egg Albumen in lithography (2 ECTS)

VA103 Technology and Media in Arts: history and contemporary situation of digital art (2 ECTS)

VA106 Performative drawing (2 ECTS)

VA0048 Anthropology: World Art (3 ECTS)

VA123 Art Direction & Set Design (3 ECTS)

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