Kolmapäeval, 19. oktoobril kell 17 peab avatud loengu „Artistic methods for making a difference“ soome kunstnik ja filmitegija Martta Tuomaala, kes on sügissemestril EKA graafika ning installatsiooni ja skulptuuri osakondade külalisõppejõud. Loeng toimub EKA Lembitu 10B majas ruumis 144. 

Martta Tuomaala (b. 1983) is a visual artist, currently living and working in Helsinki. She gained a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Aalto University, School of Arts and Architecture in 2014.

Tuomaala is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses mainly on various forms of film, video and socially engaged art. Her works deals with social, societal structures and power relations. Tuomaala has been working in several low-paid sectors, which has made a strong impact in her artistic practice. The main focus of her interest is work: research of working culture, working conditions, labor struggles, workers’ rights and different forms of organizing, especially in the low-paid and precarious women-dominated fields. One of her biggest projects Cleaner’s Voice, which combines different methods of artistic practice and militant research, consists of a 16-channel installation which is based on the interviews of cleaners.

Currently she is working on a project Finn-Spinning-Soumi-Perkele!dealing with generalized ideas of ‘Finnishness’, precarious work and the effects of austerity politics in Finland.

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