You are cordially invited to a series of Urban Studies final semester presentations and events.

Urban Studies, 1st year studio final presentation (outdoors)
Tutors: Andra Aaloe, Keiti Kljavin
In-front of barbie-pink garage at Maakri 30a
7 December 2016, 10:00-17:30

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Dear Tallinn. After this crash course, this intensive ABC of one strange little-big town in the edge of nowhere but in the centre of everything, something has changed in us. We have learned to admire every wrinkle and fold, every crook and cranny your in times turbulent past has drawn on you, the vacancies left behind by the changes of systems, and also these somewhat violent fillings of your urban fabric. We think… we may have a crush on you.

And thus we made this festival. We took one holey and haunted slice of you – Maakri and Keldrimäe subdistricts – and worked with it, dug deeper in, just to learn to read the fractures in you, learn to accept them, and… love. We hope everyone will come to see our display of affection, the festival called Last crash, where we’ll perform, install, present, exhibit, lecture and walk through physical and idea spaces of Maakri and Keldrimäe.

Because it is you, Tallinn, dark and bleak Northern capital we’ve lost our hearts to.

Art & City, final exhibition
Tutor: Mattias Malk
Rävala puiestee 8, follow the signs
7 December 2016, 19:00 (doors open at 18:30)

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The birth of intimacy is often awkward. In search for a more intimate awareness of and a better sensibility to what Tallinn has to offer as a city, urbanists and creatives of all walks of life embarked on a two-day journey. It led them out of the city, out of the county and for brief glimpses out of the respective comfort zones of the participants. In the search to act on their right to the city they now seek your attention. The exhibition will showcase the results of the walk as well as expand on the idea of awkwardness and sociability in and around urban environments.

Urban Studies, 2nd year studio final presentation (indoors)
Tutor: Kaie Kuldkepp / Co-tutor: Han Dijk
Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Architecture, Pikk tn 20, 3rd floor
8 December 2016, 10:00-14:00

An electric grid network occupies a linear strip of land, cross-secting a city. What will happen to this strip once the grid is put underground? This is a future challenge in Tallinn. What are the opportunities for developing public spaces and enhancing urban fringes?

Lecture by Han Dijk (Posad, NL)
Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Architecture, Pikk tn 20, 3rd floor, main lecture hall
8 December 2016, 18:00

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Han Dijk is a teacher in urban design at the Academie of Bouwkunst in Rotterdam and is guest lecturer in different universities in the Netherlands and abroad. Han worked as spatial designer on large city planning assignments with an international context in Antwerp (Belgium) Sao Paulo (Brasil), Warsaw (Poland) and for UN Habitat in Yangon (Myanmar)

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