ADAPT-r Call for Fellows – Early Stage Researchers: Arts & Design

ADAPT-r Call for Fellows – Early Stage Researchers: Arts & Design
Deadline 5th November 2014

ADAPT-r (Architecture, Design and Art Practice Training-research) is a €4M FP7 Marie
Curie Initial Training Network offering a new approach to PhD training for creative
practitioners and includes 40 Fellowships, 7 training conferences, a major research
conference, a major exhibition, five key books, and a website providing public access to
research and events (see ADAPT-r commenced on 1 January 2013 and is
running over four years. ADAPT-r is a network of 7 Partner Institutions.

This is the third of several calls for applications from practitioners in creative practices. But
this time we especially want to focus on applications from art and design practitioners for a
minimum of 9 Fellowships of between five and eighteen months commencing after January
2015 and completing before December 2016.
More on available positions and previous calls: