06.-27.02.2016 ‘Psychotectonics’ by Meri-Kris Jaama and Johanna Jõekalda

The ‘Psychotectonics’ exhibition examines the experiments of Meri-Kris Jaama and Johanna Jõekalda in measuring, recording, analysing and enhancing spatial experience. By focusing on individual spatial experiences, the exhibition discusses how space is reflected in experience and, in turn, how experience is reflected back in space. The recordings of body movements, lines of sight and mood changes express experience in data format. Perception and precision meet.

The exhibition is based on tests recently conducted at studio psst!, where eight subjects were placed in virtual spaces to test the limits of their spatial perception. The spatial models used in the experiments were structured on the aesthetics that are characteristic of various digital spatial creation techniques. These are becoming widespread in architecture in connection with the latest developments in construction technology, but their effect on human psychology has been scarcely acknowledged. Via head-screen sets, the test subjects received an immersive experience from those spaces, which was recorded in real time using a brain-computer interface. The spatial experiences are expressed in measurable data, interpretations of which will be on display at the gallery of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Additional information: http://psst.ee

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Posted by Merilin Talumaa