On Friday, 20 January at 18.00 EKA Gallery will open “Down to Earth”, a solo exhibition by Norman Orro.
Debris of radiant thermoplastic.
Crumbled tarmac afloat in lava.
Bamboo sticks and GPS satellites,
Anthro–glamour set in Rosetta stone.
A noisy planet.
A world full of car sirens for the Lyre bird.
A foreign entity, an unidentified object, a Strange Stranger.
From the Heavens above…
Down to Earth.

“Down to Earth” envisions a world, where anthropocene has run itself to the ground and is forced to give way to non-human sensibilities. The exhibition looks critically at globalisation and new forms of colonisation linked to the accelerating pace of technological advancements. However, rather than renouncing technology, “Down to Earth” looks for a wholesome approach that could accommodate both the adventurous spirit of discovery of the past, while advocating for a coexistence of diverse entities. Using audiovisual tools, Norman Orro’s work echoes the complexities of the world beyond our grasp.

Norman Orro is a Tallinn based artist, producer and graphic designer. Since 2010 he has been working as Music For Your Plants. MFYP is an ongoing audiovisual sound-art project that has manifested in concept albums, installations, visual essays and collaborations with international artists. MFYP performs associative research into sonic globalism, digital cartographies of post-­colonialism and the Exotics, using non-human agents as a mode of communication. MFYP’s work evokes a (sonic) image of a world after humans where objects are given agency to speak to, and of themselves. Notable collaborations include a soundtrack for the China Pavilion in the 56th Venice Biennale, an audiovisual web-installation with DISmagazine, an exhibition in Konstanet gallery and a visual essays for platforms like O Fluxo and New Material.



Special thanks for collaboration: V5MT

Supported by: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Museum of Natural History, HiFiClassic

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Posted by Keiu Krikmann