TASE ’19

The next graduation show TASE ‘19 takes place at the A wing of the EKA building.


Mia Tamme and Paul Grünenwald. WinLab

‘WinLab’ is an experiment examining the persuasiveness of competitive principles and emergence of social groups in an increasingly individualised and fragmented society. Mia Tamme from Estonia and Paul Grünenwald from Germany are currently studying at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.


Hilkka Hiiop, Frank Lukk, Taavi Tiidor, Varje Õunapuu, Andres Uueni, Maris Veeremäe, Reeli Kõiv ja Anneli Randla. Rahutu “Hommik”

EKA Conservation department’s mission “Destroying and saving of Dolores Hoffmanni fresco “Morning” (1963) at the previous cinema “Rahu” in Kopli.” At the exhibition there will be fragments of 75m² mural and the destroyed part will be shown virtually.


Margus Tammik, Merilin Kaup and Ulla Alla. Terribly Beautiful!

Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2019 Architecture Schools’ exhibition ‘Terribly Beautiful!’ investigates school as a facility for getting (terribly) lost and making (terrible) mistakes. Curators Margus Tammik, Merilin Kaup and Ulla Katariina Alla are studying Architecture and Urban Design at EKA.


Andre Joosep Arming, Hanna-Liisa Lavonen, Carol Piibur and Mari-Liis Sõrg

The Fine Arts Masters students project springs from the concept of self-care. It is being showcased in many mediums thus emphasising the diversity and the symbiosis of the particular topic.


Marta Vaarik

Marta Vaarik is studying at the MA Programme of Contemporary Art. She describes her upcoming solo show with a quote from Sveta Grigorjeva: “I sow along a pirate sea and no cock is stopping me.”.