Transform4Europe BA courses

A big part of the Transform4Europe cooperation is smooth mobility and opening subjects for our alliance students. This alliance is creating a joint European study offer to equip students with the tools necessary to tackle challenges in the areas of climate change, migration, demographic change and digital developments.

Our partner universities open several BA level subjects to students in the fall semester. We have updated the list with new courses from the University of Trieste and University of Alicante. As universities have different academic years, their beginning of the courses varies. Therefore some courses have already started and the registrations for those courses are closed.

Knowledge Entrepreneurship (more information and registration)

  • Knowledge Entrepreneurship (USaar) – registration will open on Oct 3
  • Podcasting and Vlogging for Beginners (EKA) – registration ongoing until Sept 30
  • Human Resources Management. Skills for Managing People in a Global Context (UA) – registration TBA

Languages & Intercultural Competencies (more information and registration)

  • German A1 (VMU) – registration closed
  • Danish A1 (VMU) – registration closed
  • Czech A1 (VMU) – registration closed
  • Portuguese A1 (VMU) – registration closed
  • Modern Hebrew A1.1 (VMU) – registration closed
  • Ukrainian A2 (VMU) – registration closed
  • Lithuanian as a Foreign Language A1 (VMU) – registration closed
  • Multilingualism in Europe (VMU) – registration closed

European History, Politics, Culture, Law, Economy (more information and registration)

  • Workshopreihe: Sprachliche Vielfalt mit digitalen Medien nutzen, fördern und gestalten – Course in German language (USaar) – registration will open on Oct 3
  • Crossing language borders – Course in German language (USaar) – registration will open on Oct 3
  • Sprachen, Kulturen, (Grenz-)Raum – Course in German language (USaar) – registration will open on Oct 3
  • European Integration (USaar) – registration will open on Oct 3
  • EurIdentity Basic Module (USaar) – registration will open on Oct 3
  • Lithuanian History (VMU) – registration closed
  • Internet Art (EKA)  – registration ongoing

Digital Transformation (more information and registration)

  • Digital Transformation (USaar) – registration will open on Oct 3
  • Information Society Technologies (VMU) – registration closed
  • Artificial Intelligence – an Interdisciplinary introduction (VMU) – registration closed

Environmental Transformation (more information and registration)

  • Biology (VMU) – registration closed

Societal Transformation (more information and registration)

  • Psychology (VMU) – registration closed
  • Sociology and Anthropology of Gender (VMU) – registration closed
  • Sociology of Civil Society (VMU) – registration closed
  • Contemporary Sociology of Religion (VMU) – registration closed
  • Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences (VMU) – registration closed
  • Management of Innovation (UniTs)  – registration ongoing
  • Organizational Behavior And Design (UniTS)  – registration ongoing
  • Biodiversity Informatics (UniTS)  – registration ongoing
  • Economic geography (UniTS)  – registration ongoing
  • Scientific Writing (UniTS)  – registration ongoing
  • Ecologia generale (Basics of Ecology) – Course in Italian language(UniTS)  – registration ongoing


There are a limited number of seats! First arrived first served.

The ECTS are available to transform as an elective course via VÕTA (RPL).


Universities in the alliance with the abbreviations:


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In case you have any questions, write to and ask for more information.