Exchange Studies at EKA

We welcome you to study at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) as an exchange (from partner university) or a guest student during one or two semesters!

All departments at the EAA accept exchange students, although most of the study programmes are officially in Estonian language. Exchange students are offered practical specialty courses, where the teachers can guide in English. In addition we offer theoretical and practical electives in English (the list of courses is confirmed before the beginning of the semester).

You will find the list of study programmes under “Curricula” section at this website.

The general curricula information is available here (please note the study plan might be changed before the semester):

International study programmes (available also for exchange students) are described here:

BEFORE APPLYING please note the details about intake in different departments:

– Faculty of Design: MA level applications are only accepted for autumn semester; BA level applications are accepted for both semesters;

– Animation department accepts only MA level applications for only autumn semester or for the full academic year; 

– Interior Architecture accepts students on MA level (exceptionally BA 3rd year) and for Autumn semester/Full year only; 

– Architecture and Urban Planning accepts students on MA level only;

– Faculty of Fine Arts evaluates the applications at the faculty meeting and accepts max 10 students per semester to the whole faculty. A list of mediums available in the upcoming semester will be provided to the selected students prior the beginning of semester. 

– Art History is a theoretical programme only in Estonian language. It’s possible to apply if your aim is to carry out individual research. 

– Conservation and Cultural Heritage programme is largely theoretical programme and lectures are only in Estonian language. Acceptance depends on your practical interests and possibilities to offer suitable practical courses.



Duration of Semesters

  • 1st semester (autumn semester) begins in the end of August and lasts until Christmas. In January there are workshops*.
  • 2nd semester (spring semester) begins in the end of January and lasts until the end of May. In June there are practices.

* There are elective workshops during the first weeks of January, but usually they are in Estonian language and not offered for exchange students.

Semester dates 2017/2018:

1st semester: August 28 – January 21

2nd semester: January 22 – June 22



Estonian Academy of Arts operates in ECTS system.

Grading is in the scale A-F (“A“ – excellent – “F“ – insufficient) or Pass/Fail.

Important!!! Please note that most of the practical courses and electives in English are assessed as Pass/Fail and it cannot be changed individually for students who need grades (A-F).


The Estonian Academy of Arts participates in Erasmus+ programme and has been awarded with the Erasmus Charter

(number: 64961-LA-1-2014-1-EE-E4AKA1-ECHE)

Erasmus code: EE TALLINN01 

PIC CODE: 955368327

EAA’s ERASMUS+ Charter

ERASMUS Policy Statement

The exchange students from our partner universities (ERASMUS+, Nordplus or on the basis of bilateral agreements) are not obliged to pay tuition fees for their studies. However, the students who apply to the Estonian Academy of Arts from the universities, which are not our partner institutions, are requested to pay tuition fees according to the cost of a credit point at the EAA, which remains between 64€ and 128€.



First you should contact your home university coordinator who will have to send a confirmation about your nomination to

Due to small study groups, the EAA reserves the right to choose incoming students based on their portfolio and motivation letter.

The International Office will notify the applicants about acceptance/denial within a month.


Please fill in the online application form and send your documents and portfolio to the International Office according to these deadlines:

  • May 1 (for autumn semester and the whole academic year)
  • October 15 (for spring semester)

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS in English which have to be sent to the EAA International Office due deadline:

– Online application form – it has to be filled in and submitted ONLINE (no paper version needed).

– Portfolio – some images of your recent work or examples of your recent projects. We prefer electronic portfolio – a web link (you can upload files in tumblr, google docs, issuu or similar; has to be accessible without any log-in-procedure!) to be added in online form or sent to in one e-mail with your document files. It can also be a DVD or hard copy sent by post due deadline.

  • NB! We do not accept portfolio FILES sent via e-mail (only a link).
  • Motivation letter – about 1 A4 page (typed)
  • Transcript of Records (official and signed document showing the courses you have passed & your study results so far (IN ENGLISH!))
  • Copy of your Passport or ID Card
  • Certificate of knowledge of English language (min B2 level). It may be issued by your home institution if they have sufficient knowledge about your language level (IN ENGLISH).



After you have been nominated by your home university coordinator, you have to submit the online application form and send other documents and portfolio due deadline May 1st or October 15th.

We only accept application documents and portfolio electronically.

Send your documents and portfolio LINK to We accept pdf copies of your documents, but the portfolio should be presented as a web link (doesn’t have to be a personal website, you can also upload your portfolio in google docs or other file sharing option; be sure that we could access the portfolio without any login procedure).




Here are four experiences from the exchange students (titles by the students themselves):


Estonian essay

Living and arriving to Estonia

My Estonian experience

Tallinn by Natalie

Beginners guide for an artist

ERASMUS to know

Mathilde’s ERASMUS experience

No time for bullshit

and here are two experiences from our full-time international students:

International Student Cheat Sheet

Living and Coming to Estonia

Apply for exchange at the EAA:
May 1st – deadline for 1st semester

and the whole academic year
October 15 – deadline for 2nd semester

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For setting up an appointment at other times, please call or send an e-mail.