BA 1st year

The studies focus on personal and body-centred space and provide basic knowledge and techniques related to architectural design and the arts; and against this background, the initital introduction to the engineering sciences and humanities is provided.

BA 2nd year

The studies focus on private and public space; and against this background, creative thinking and expressive skills are developed in the arts along with an understanding of the engineering sciences and humanities.

BA 3rd year

The studies focus on the problems related to large and multifunctional buildings that have to accommodate both public and private uses, as well as take the ambient urban environment into consideration. The acquired knowledge in the engineering sciences and humanities must be utilised in such a way that, besides the architectural and environmental values, the building’s construction-related and technological structure, as well as the applications of energy conservation principles, are also comprehensible.

MA 1st year

The studies focus on urban planning issues in design and the supplementary theoretical subjects.

MA 2nd year

The master’s thesis, which takes an entire year, is comprised of a carefully prepared project based on architectural and planning principles, and the specialised research related thereto. The thesis should explain the reason for dealing with the project, its context, and conceptual structure, as well as describe the progress of the project, the development of the concept and the spatialsolutions.