In addition to daily case-study-based instruction, students will also have various internships of architecture and urban design in the course of their studies.

Practices in Year 1

The aim of the construction practice is to provide the students with a comprehensive overview of the realization of an architectural idea starting from the sketch of an idea up to the completion of the plans, the role and tasks of the architect in the construction process, similarly to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in developing the architectural sketch into a project prepared for implementation and to provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for planning, managing and implementing a construction process, technical safety measures, teamwork and every member’s role in the process.

The measuring practice provides the practical skills of measuring buildings and documenting the data, the general knowledge and overview of architectural heritage and landscapes, a general overview of the structure of villages, the arrangement of farm buildings in the landscape and the respective constructional principles.

The aim of geodesy practice is to provide the skills to survey the site, define zero horizon, draw sketches, determine heights and measure horizontal datum.

Practices in Year 2

The aim of the observation practice is a) to observe, experience, see and understand the spatial and logistic functioning of a modern city characterized by diverse historic, topographic, institutional and daily functional aspects, b) to see and understand the differences in the usage of (public) spaces within a 24-hour cycle, comprehend the impact of the space on the activities taking place within and vice versa, c) to see the logistic and institutional system and perceive the respective changes in various eras and in the (public) spaces with various functions, d) to make friends with history that may otherwise easily remain merely remote, bookish intellectual knowledge.

In the course of the painting and drawing practice, students will enhance their painting skills in environments outside the studio (external light, ever-changing natural and weather conditions), conceptualise the various means for depicting natural forms and motifs, develop their skills to analyse and synthesise various aspects in selecting the figurative motif.

Practices in Year 3

In their third year of studies, students will do their construction site internship in order to have first-hand experience in observing the construction process and the respective problems, the structure of the construction site and the respective hierarchal networks. In addition to observing the building site as a workplace, the students also need to observe the construction management process.

Practices in Year 4

In the summer following their fourth year of studies, the students will have the mandatory bureau practice to learn about the structure of the work conducted in an architecture office, the various stages of the completion of an architectural project and the management of the office. The practice will also allow them to observe the cooperation with other stakeholders such as the engineering and construction companies.