Time: 11 September 2019 Venue: Estonian Academy of Arts, Main lecture theatre: A101 Estonian Academy of Arts will host the international conference Space and Digital Reality within the framework of Tallinn Architecture Biennale – TAB 2019. We believe that Digital Reality is having a major impact on space and architecture. We ask the participants to research, imagine and speculate about the future of architectural creation, urban development as well as design education. The world economy and culture have entered the era of the Third Technological Revolution. This revolution is based on digital domain and rapid advances in computing algorithms and autonomous robotics. In 25 years it has totally changed the information, communication, entertainment and surveillance technologies – both in their form as well as content. Thus, a totally new reality has emerged with its own sovereign essence, structure and will – the Digital Reality. It consists of informational and communicative networks, a complex hierarchy of computational algorithms and the meaning system of its projections on screen. Within Digital Reality information can create, interpret, mutate and copy itself infinitely. It is increasingly difficult to keep the plentitude of information in the constraints of property rights, including the intellectual property rights. The Digital Reality with its possibilities has shaken the political and public institutions of Modernist liberal democracies. The keynote speakers of the conference are Mario Carpo, Antoine Picon and Roland Snooks. More information: Jüri Soolep,