Space and Digital Reality Conference Programme

11 September 2019

Estonian Academy of Arts, Main lecture theatre A101

It is 2019, and Digital Reality is having a major impact on space and architecture. For the Space and Digital Reality Conference, we’ve asked the participants to research, imagine and speculate about the future of architectural creation, urban development as well as design education. Both Modernist and Postmodernist paradigms have fallen; what will the next paradigms be like, and how will they impact and influence architecture and the space around us?


8:45 Registration and coffee
9:00 Opening Speeches

9:30 Mario CarpoThe Rise of Computational Brutalism
10:15 Questions and coffee

10:30 Gilles RetsinFresh from the Forest: Raw, Discrete and Fully Automated

10:45 Siim TuksamModulated Modularity – from Mass Customization to Custom Mass Production

11:00 Dagmar ReinhardtRobotic Braille and Spatial Maps – Combining Tactile and Visual Narratives

11:15 Sille PihlakProtocolling Prototypes / Prototyping Protocols. Automated Design to Construction Methodology in Timber Architecture
11:30 Questions

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Roland Snooks Strange Behavior
13:30 Questions

13:45 Roemer van Toorn – The new normal. A goodbye to language

14:00 Annarita PapeschiTransindividual Urbanism. Novel Territories of Digital Participatory Practices

14:15 Adria Carbonell – The Solid Matter(s) of Digital Nature

14:30 Wolfgang Schwarzmann – How does new technology provided by industry 4.0 change the job of a carpenter?
14:45 Questions and coffee

15:00 Antoine Picon Atoms and Bits: Taking seriously their Hybridization

15:45 Keynote panel and discussion

Additional events:
18:00 Opening of the TAB International School’s Exhibition at EKA Gallery / Opening of the 
19:00 Opening of the TAB 2019 Curatorial Exhibition “Beauty Matters” and installation “Steam Punk” at the Museum of Estonian Architecture

Our working language for the conference is English.

NB! There is no fee to participate, but due to a limited number of seats, we do expect participants to register in advance