Who are the instructors?

Our MA instructors are top professionals of their fields. The curricula is study and case-based, introducing up to 40 professionals from different segments of the design arena – from package designers to photographers, from design managers to high-end craftsmen – during the two years of study. EAA is a very democratic and non-hierarchical institution, so you have access to all the human resources we have.

What skills will I acquire?

Besides professional training in the chosen crafts/design curricula, there are opportunities to learn about product development, environmental issues, economy, presentation skills, sustainability, cultural philosophy, etc.

What jobs will be available after I graduate?

Hopefully you be your own boss and create a design brand. In addition, there are several options to work as a designer, educator, technician, etc.


The program consists of 120 ECTS divided in four semesters.

Semester 1
Studio 1 (3 ECTS)
Seminar in Design and Crafts 1 (3 ECTS)
Project 1 (6 ECTS)
Project 2 (6 ECTS)

Semester 2
Studio 2 (3 ECTS)
Project 3 (6 ECTS)
Practice (6 ECTS)

Semester 3
Master Project (Studio 3) (3 ECTS)
Seminar in Design and Crafts 2 (3 ECTS)
Project 4 (6 ECTS)
Project 5 (6 ECTS)

Semester 4
Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS)

Additionally, the students will collect 15 ECTS in general subjects, 12 ECTS in electives from the Faculty of Design and 12 ECTS in optional subjects.