The Chair of New Media aspires for an integrated programme of lectures, seminars, practical workshops, study trips and semester projects that give an overview of technological experimental art and the practical skills necessary to engage with it. The focus of the new media field of study currently lies in audiovisual installations and sound art. The programme takes into account different technological interests
and skill levels of the students, and it provides a supporting environment that nurtures individuality.

The Chair of New Media offers a two-year masters programme that is divided into three semester projects, each of them for learning different skills and knowledge. The first semester focuses on creating a critical context for technological art, the
second semester on graphic and physical programming, and the third semester on a hybrid project that gives a practical experience of working in the art field. The fourth and final semester is set aside for writing the masters thesis and preparing its practical element.

The programme gives an understanding of the position of technological and interactive audiovisual art in the field of art, the ability to analyse it in its context, and the ability to create audiovisual interactive works, including the skills necessary for working with software and programming hardware and technological devices. Our graduates include active and knowledgeable technological experimental
artists who are influential in their field, entrepreneurs proficient in audiovisual technology and with a varied skill set, and experts and theorists of audiovisual art.

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