Learn to Lead Service Innovation

SDSI will prepare students to become versatile service innovators who can enable change in public and private organizations through strategic design, management and creative leadership. Its focus is on interdisciplinary studies and cross-specialization in design, business, technologies and social sciences. SDSI graduates will become change facilitators to contribute to innovative, effective and socially responsible service organizations globally, in their home countries after graduation.

Multidisciplinary & International

Studies will take place in the picturesque Latvian UNESCO town of Kuldīga, with a mobility semester abroad in Finland and occasional workshops in Estonia. You will have access to vast resources of SDSI partner schools, including prototyping studios and makerspaces in an international learning and networking environment.

Program Structure

Semester 1

Use novel service design methods, thinking and tools with emphasis on communication and collaboration. Mobility to Kuldīga, Latvia

Semester 2

Gain cross-sector knowledge through research methods, a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset, and tools for organisational and financial management of services. Mobility to Kuldīga, Latvia

Semester 3

Apply previously acquired knowledge for designing innovative real-life services in collaboration with industry. Mobility to Rovaniemi, Finland/ Tallin, Estonia

Semester 4

Carry out a design project or practical research individually or in teams of two students at one of SDSI’s partner schools.

Where will this take you?

We will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be prepared for an uncertain future. You will know how to identify and satisfy unmet needs in a wide range of sectors, such as health care, transportation, education, finance and retail. You will execute leadership roles in organisations in the private and public sectors, spearheading change processes, envisioning the future, managing multidisciplinary teams and overcoming innovation roadblocks.

Upon graduation, you will:

  • Become a versatile professional with an agile mindset
  • Transform existing service design concepts by integrating research-based user needs and organisational strategies
  • Apply holistic approaches and user-centred design principles
  • Understand social, economic, and technological contexts in which private and public services function
  • Be an organisational change facilitator
  • Have grown into leadership roles through experience

Career Opportunities

  • Service designer
  • Experience designer
  • Interaction designer
  • User Experience designer
  • Design manager/director
  • Experience manager/director
  • Innovation manager/director
  • Customer experience manager
  • Design researcher
  • Design strategist