The first part of our BA programme provides students with an understanding of textile materials and technologies and develops specialised knowledge and skills as well as aesthetic abilities through the study of various practical and theoretical subjects.

The second part of the programme focuses on developing ideas for the production of fabrics for clothing and interior furnishings with knowledge of current design trends. Students’ presentation skills and critical judgement abilities are trained to meet the demand of industry. In addition, visits to companies and specialised design fairs as well as long- and short-term internships are organised.

The third part consists of specially-tailored projects that focus on specific design problems. The projects can be carried out in collaboration with companies or other external stakeholders. Students learn to apply technical knowledge and skills acquired in the previous years to cope with the projects and to come up with individual original outcomes to express their ideas and meet the project’s goal initially set. The final module of the study is a portfolio compiling works created during the whole study that present the student’s design direction and individuality in a professional manner.



• Specialised technical skills as well as visual and verbal presentation skills.
• Ability to cooperate with specialists in one’s own specialised field and beyond
• The skill to recognise and deal with problems in the broader social and cultural context.
• A command of specialised information and practical skills that enable one to work in a textile-related company or establish one’s own enterprise.



• Designer (A specialist with multifaceted and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills who is able to work at a professional level, both independently and as part of a team)
• Artist
• Stylist
• Instructor



BA 1st year
Specialised basic technologies, design fundamental and practical training in ethnography.

BA 2nd year
Idea-based projects for clothing and interior furnishings textiles, continued studies of textile technologies and practical training with companies and/or professional designers.

BA 3rd year
Problem-centred projects and special technologies and the completion of portfolio.

The MA studies are carried out in the form of specialised and interdisciplinary projects and practical training with companies. The aim of the programme is to deepen the students’ knowledge about the role of textile designers in diverse contexts and to further develop their specialised skills, ability to analyse and teamwork at various levels. The completion of the programme requires a Master’s thesis.