EAA provides services in psychological and career counselling to students

Career counselling and psychological counselling at the Estonian Academy of Arts are support services for students who need help with career-related questions or personal life issues.
Career advice relates to what is happening in the labour market, job search, CV and cover letter preparation, job interview preparation as well as guidance in time management and communicating with employers. Psychological counselling is for issues that concern personal life, such as relocation and adapting to life in Estonia, doubts about a chosen course, building new relationships, time management, anxiety and stress, self-esteem, and so on.
Counselling takes place in the main building (V floor, room 528). It is private and confidential and usually lasts one hour, and depending on the situation there may be additional meetings. Counselling takes place on Thursdays and is free of charge. No question is left unanswered or problem unresolved!
Contact Kaire Cocker to schedule an appointment:
Email: kaire.cocker@artun.ee
Skype: kaireskype1
Phone: +372 53322279
In addition to Kaire Cocker, the department of Research and Development offers counselling to students in the area of entrepreneurship, ie. starting a business, finding collaboration partners, writing projects, and applying for funding.
Kelli Turmann
Ettevõtlusnõustaja / Entrepreneurship consultant
EKA teadus- ja arendusosakond / Estonian Academy of Arts R&D department
Estonia pst 7/Teatri väljak 1
Tallinn 10143 Estonia
+ 372 50 922 08
Teate edastas
Solveig Jahnke
Kommunikatsioonijuht/Head of Communications
Tel +372 6267 111
Mob +372 5626 4949