SHELTER. Studio project II

Yearbook 2014-2015/ Ist year


The aim of the 1st-year students’ spring term task is to introduce the prerequisites, reasons and possibilities of architecture. In their search for solutions, students need to explore and consider the relations between man and his surroundings.

The project culminates in the construction of one of the designed shelters by the students.

Studio tutors: Andres Alver ja Arhitekt Must

Editor: Ann Kristiin Entson

Publisher: Eesti Kunstiakadeemia arhitektuuriteaduskond, 2016

ISBN 978-9949-467-82-2 (trükis)

ISBN 978-9949-467-83-9 (pdf)

ISSN 2461-2359

Language: Estonian / English

Posted by Pille Epner

Architecture and Urban DesignFaculty of Architecture