Artist talk by Shahar Marcus and Avi Milgrom

EKA room A400

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Shahar Marcus(1971) is an Israeli based artist who primary works in the medium of performance and video art. He is an active artist for over a devade and has exhibited at various art institutions, both in Israel and around the world, including: Tate Modern, The Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Charlottenburg, Copenhagen Kunsthalle, Moscow Biennale, Poxan Biennale, Moscow Musuem of Modenr Art and other art venuse in Poland, Italy, Germany, Georgia, Japan, USA and Turkey.

Avi Milgrom (1978) is an artist and a lecturer. His work often addresses the intersection of art and technology – either by the use of digitally processed images and videos, or by applying electrical and mechanical apparatuses to the artwork itself. His work has been exhibited in internationally established galleries all over the world.

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