Berlin Installation, 2016

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has been a cultural melting pot in the middle of Europe. Once a metropol of Europe, later torn up by war and now reconnected, Berlin is a city with different faces. It is a place of diverse culture and divided past, which can be seen in the urban landscape of Berlin.

This year observation practice was focused on the definition of “Border” and the cityscape, that has been created due to the borders. We can observe borders as dividers of space. At the same time borders address a wider territory, which is able to generate social-cultural, economical and spacial relations in the widest aspect. The topic is relatively actual and it affects us all. The meaning of “Border” and its spacial presence has yet again shown its relevance through the massive migration of people in Europe.

The focus of the Practice was the Berlin Wall and the territory that surrounds it. One of the goals was to observe the changes that have been a constant process for the last 28 years. This opens up new spaces and situations – some older spaces have been forgotten, yet new ones have emerged. One could see it as a potential of the city.

3rd year students of Architecture and Urban Studies invite You to join us in our Berlin installation. The Berlin Installation is based on our experience we had during our stay in Berlin.

An ever-changing city, which is fully on tracks, busy and with a lot of layers, is still carrying the not so distant past within itself.

Observation Practice in the Architecture department is an every year tradition for 3rd Year Architecture students. This year it was Berlin and last year our colleagues visited Paris.
Tutors Andres Ojari and Maros Krivy.


Ann Kristiin Entson, Keiti Lige, Seth Amofah “Forecity”

Triin Vallner, Jaana Kraus “shelf “IBA””

Laura Pint, Kristjan Värav, Karmen Silde “Around Spree”

Carolyn Rennu, Immaanuel Bush, Andreas Krigoltoi “City Flow”

Liisa Peri “Home”

Jarmo Vaik, Reelika Reinsalu, Jekaterina Klishova, Kristi Merilo “Wall”

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