International workshop
from 11.01.2016 –15.01. 2016

Labyrinth theatre workshop inspired by Orpheus and Eurydike
DAMA 2016 Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts, Scenography Department

Short synopsis
Dilemma – a situation, in which we find ourselves in front of any choice, be it about a problem in daily life or solving fundamental problems. The myth of Orpheus and Eurydike is the source of our 5-day-journey with labyrinth-experiences in three different buildings. The aim is to keep the silent power of music alive in our fear-filled world. Joseph Campbell´s The Hero’s Journey (http://www.thewritersjourney.com/hero’s_journey.htm) structure will guide us through the different steps and aspects of the narrative providing a universal frame to play with. We evolve our sensible spatial mind in order to have a dialogue with Space, Object and Light. Unexpected dialogue partners will brighten our viewpoints as explorers, researchers, mediators in the field of the performance arts and theatre. Each day we discover, create and perform short scenes of Labyrinth Theatre through solo and collaborative work. In an interactive theatre project, we will focus on directing and acting as artists, dissolving authorship throughout the process.

Labyrinth; Site-specific; Space; Dialogue; Improvisation; Collaboration; Interactive Theatre; Dissolving an Authorship; Dilemma.

Posted by Lilja Blumenfeld
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