LadyFest Tallinn 2016 presents: Exhibition “Welcome me Estonia. Добро пожаловать мне в Эстонии. Tere tulemast mulle Eestis”


LadyFest Tallinn 2016 presents:
Exhibition “Welcome me Estonia. Добро пожаловать мне в Эстонии. Tere tulemast mulle Eestis” will be opened at Rundum artist-run space (Pärnu mnt 154, courtyard building of the ARS House) on Tuesday 8 March at 18:00.

The LadyFest team has organised art workshops at the Vao refugee centre since November 2015. The series of workshops has been a process to get to know the Vao residents, make them feel welcome and offer opportunities for self-expression in different artistic media. The workshops brought the participants variance to their relatively isolated environment and created a situation for communicating and spending time together in an enriching and creative way. Our visits to the centre showed us that this was appreciated mostly by mothers whose daily life consists of looking after their underage children, cleaning and doing laundry. At the same time they don’t have any personal space because the temporary accommodation is shared in addition to family members also with strangers. The exhibition is the outcome of this process. It doesn’t use Vao residents as material for art, but rather offers them a platform for self-realisation and expression, for communicating among themselves and with others living in Estonia. The exhibition renders the lives of Vao residents visible in a direct and personal manner and unlike the mainstream media does it on their terms. This allows us to see them not as intruders but as human beings and hopefully make the Estonian people become more considerate towards the asylum seekers and promote fair treatment of minorities.
The workshops took place in cooperation with the Accommodation Centre for Asylum Seekers (Vao Centre).

Exhibition participants: Ahmed from Egypt, Irina from Ukraine, Maret from Ingushetia, Olga and Mira from Ukraine, Qeta from Georgia, Sattar Ilyas from Balochistan, Sonia from Dagestan, Zahra from Afghanistan and Umar Saleem from Pakistan.

Exhibition and workshop organisers: Minna Hint, Mari-Leen Kiipli, Pire Sova and Killu Sukmit.

The vernissage will take place together with the opening of LadyFest Tallinn 2016 at Rundum artist-run space on Tuesday 8 March at 18:00. The vernissage will be accompanied by an informal discussion panel.

The exhibited art works are for sale with all the revenue going to the respective author in full.

During the vernissage Vao residents will offer for purchase home-made dishes with the revenue going directly to the cook. Please remember to bring cash.

NB! We kindly ask you not to take any photos, film or record sound during the opening.

Exhibition opening times:
8 March – 20 March 2016
Tue–Sun 13:00–18:00
Wed (9 March) 13:00–17:30

Exhibition is supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Council of the Gambling Tax
Rundum is supported by Ministry of Culture of Estonia

Thanks: Vao Centre, Jana Selesneva, Pille Õnnepalu, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau, Liisi Eelmaa, Camille Laurelli, Giulia, Taavi Timm, Kirill Tulin, Mattias Agabus, Katrin Essenson, Berit Renser, Riinu Rahuoja, Enli and Tarmo Kiipli, Martin Rünk

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