Lilli-Krõõt Repnau personal exhibition Inbetween at Draakon Gallery

Lilli-Krõõt Repnau personal exhibition Inbetween at Draakon Gallery

Lilli-Krõõt Repnau has graduated from the department of graphic art at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2005. In 2010 Repnau entered the Master’s programme in the department of graphic art and in 2012 in the department of animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Repnau has taken additional courses in the department of video art at Lucerne School of Art and Design in Switzerland. In 2010, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau’s artwork in printmaking technique was awarded with Edmund Valtman Grant. Repnau is a member of Estonian Artists’ Association and the Association of Estonian Printmakers.

Lilli-Krõõt Repnau:
The city is a constant experience for me. We experience the things we see, but the personal memories from the past have also strong impact on our present. My hometown is Tallinn, where during my lifetime everything has changed tremendously. It’s a common saying that buildings live longer than people, but many buildings that have been important to me, have vanished. They live on only in my mind and memories. I revisit those buildings often in my dreams and I miss their presence here and now. But then again sometimes I feel that other places in the city have become too filled up and it feels uncomfortable or even claustrophobic to be there.
Sometimes while walking in some city you can still see the marks of the past. It seems like these places are in a kind of limbo between the past and the present, time and space. I have visited many other places now and I enjoy having long walks in different cities. I like noticing those marks and different layers of time and I often create stories about them in my head. I am often surprised that some images have so strong impact on me. I like to capture those images and explore them further through printmaking, animation and drawings. Dedicating myself to the process of personifying this image I try to understand and relive those moments and spaces long gone. Again and again I come back to my personal stories and layer by layer they become fixtures of my dreams and reality.

The themes of redefining urban space and tranforming its perspectives into something utopian and dreamlike were also present in Repnau’s personal exhibition “Utopian T-town” held in Draakon gallery in 2011. Whereas the visual side of her work back then was born out of the dialogue with Estonian art classics then this time Repnau seems to focus more on contemplating on her personal images of memory.

Exhibition will be open until May 16, 2015.

Thanks to: Ülle Repnau, Jaan Pehk, Francisco Martinez, Robert Jürjendal, Tarvo-Kaspar Toome, Minna Hint, Karoliina Kagovere, Ott Kagovere, Ott Pilipenko, Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn, Ave Taavet, Liis Viira, Sven-Tõnis Puskar, Teemu Hotti, Department of animation of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of graphic art of the Estonaian Academy of Arts,

Exhibitions in Draakon gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Born on 19.06.1982 in Tallinn
Member of The Estonian Artists Association

2012 – …. Estonian Academy of Arts, MA Animation
2010 – …. Estonian Academy of Arts, MA Printmaking
2000 – 2005 Estonian Academy of Arts, BA Printmaking
2003 Lucerne School of Art and Design (Switzerland), video department, Erasmus

Selected exhibitions
2015 “The Capital of Summer”, solo exhibition, Pärnu Art House
2014 “Destruction and flowering”, solo exhibition in Tallinn
2014 “Kevadnäitus”, Tallinn Art Hall
2014 solo exhibition with Maja Pučl & Marie-Alice Boshoff, CIEC Foundation Betanzos, Spain
2013 “Joonistatud Laulud”, Solaris center, Tallinn
2013 “While in Estonia”, solo exhibition, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn
2012 “Family”, Võru City Gallery, Võru
2012 “Tartu international Printmaking festival” Tampere House gallery, Tartu
2011 “Utopian T-town”, solo exhibition, Draakon gallery,Tallinn
2011 “In Graafika”, Port Artur 2, Pärnu
2010 “FinEst”, cartoon festival in Solaris center, Tallinn
2010 “Year of the Rabbit”, solo exhibition & street-art project, Luha street 17, Tallinn
2010 “Cartoon Biennial”. Culturefactory Polymer, Tallinn
2009 “Folk-artNow”, Am Güterbahnhof Tor 53 – 49, Bremen, Germany
2009 “Oh, Happy Days”, solo exhibition, Hobuspea Gallery, Tallinn
2009 “Life is too easy!”, solo exhibition, Uus Maailma Community House, Tallinn
2009 “Good Luck!” Tartu Art House, Tartu
2009 “Look at text!”, roominstallation (curator), Uus Maailm Community House, Tallinn
2007 “You too Narcissos!”, solo exhibition, Y-gallery, Tartu
2006 “Gone by the Wind”, solo exhibition, Tampere House, Tartu
2006 “Narrtive in pictures. Estonian graphic poems in 00”, Rael Artel Gallery, Tartu
2005 VIII Biennial Of Graphics Of The Baltic Countries, Kaliningrad, Russia
2005 “GRAPHIC NON STOP”, solo exhibition, Gallery of Estonian Art Academy of Arts, Tallinn
2004 “You ain`t Seen Me, Right?!”, Tallinn 13th Youth Graphic Triennial
2003 “North 2001, West 2002, East 2003” Kohtla-Järve City Gallery, Estonia
2003 “Big Art Posse versus CAPO Gallery of Estonian Art Academy of Arts, Tallinn
2003 “Video 2003”, student’s exhibition, Luzern, Switzerland
2003 “Ullallika”, Viinistu Art Museum
2002 “Freeplay. Young Estonian Photo”, Hansapank gallery, Tallinn

Residences and workshops
2014 Project “Password Printmaking“, CIEC Foundation Betanzos, Spain
2008 Workshop „Art & Text / Art & Practice“, Karlotta Blöndal, HIAP, Helsinki
2004 audiovisual live, T-Shroom Bergen – Hordaland Kunstsenter, Norway
2003 – 2000 “Be Bonded By“, International EU land-art project

Awards and mentions
2011 25 Most Beautiful Estonian Books 2010, diplom
2010 Edmund Valtman scholarship (for student for the best graphic work series)

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