Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture Open Lecture Series

BorderScaping. An explorative study on the North Moroccan/Spanish border landscapes

Rooted in ‘border landscapes’ research and post-colonial studies, BorderScaping proposes an understanding of the productive interactions between ‘border thinking’ and ‘design thinking’ towards alternative forms of imagination for contemporary border landscapes, beyond existing geo-political and cultural polarizations.

The Moroccan / Spanish border is explored as one relevant observatory of the past and ongoing re-bordering dynamics across Europe’s borders in the Mediterranean and in North Africa.

By addressing a set of emerging “borderscapes’ constellations”, seen both as diachronical narratives and transcalar socio-spatial fields, the lecture intends to unfold the background knowledge for alternative images of change.

Alice Buoli is an Architect and PhD in Territorial Design and Government. Her most recent professional and academic activities lie at the intersection between urban research, design thinking and borderlands studies, with a peculiar interest on the Euro-Mediterranean context and on the Spanish-Moroccan border landscapes. She is currently Experienced Researcher at the Estonian Academy of Arts, in the context of Adapt-r FP7 ITN Program.

At the Open Lecture Series internationally renowned architects, artists, theoreticians, critics and urbanists from all around the globe give talks to offer fresh perspectives on architecture, design, urban development and critical thought. The lectures are open to everyone interested in the future of our living environment.
The lectures are held in English, free of charge.
The lecture series is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Posted by Anu Piirisild
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