Paul Kuimet`s installation Study for ‘Modern present now past’


On Sunday, the 18th of October Paul Kuimet`s installation Study for ‘Modern present now past’ was opened at Lootsi 15 as part of the programme of Rundum artist-run space.

The point of departure for the piece are two photographs taken in a European city more than two years ago. The photos depict a reflection of an abandoned and soon-to-be demolished building on a large, anonymous glass facade. On the second image that has been taken from exactly the same vantage point, a train has entered the scene, reflecting details from an identical modernist building still enduring in the sunshine.

The soon-to-be demolished building at Lootsi 15, its location, the photographs and the reflecting surfaces mounted on the windows and other components of the installation are to be seen as equal parts of a whole that creates a situation in which different modern periods, buildings, materials and inventions (photography and modern train traffic were invented approximately at the same time in the 1820s) become intertwined at the same time and at times even on a single picture plane. The installation reflects, both literally and metaphorically, the changes taking place in the Tallinn harbour area as well as in modern cities in general. The piece depicts therefore, ‘modern time’ as such.

The installation can be viewed in two different states – in daylight when the reflections of the surrounding area become visible on the building and in the evening darkness when the lights inside the building will be turned on highlighting the images mounted onto the windows.

NB! The work is visible only in outdoor circumstances and therefore clothing appropriate to the weather and temperature is strongly recommended.

The installation will remain open until the 30th of October.

The exhibition is supported by The Cultural Endowment of Estonia and The Estonian Artists’ Association

Thank you: Marten Esko, Viktor Gurov, Tõnis Jürgens, Anu Vahtra, Foku

Rundum is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Rundum thanks the Port of Tallinn for having temporarily provided us with the Lootsi 15 space.

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