Estonian Academy of Arts Arts Leather Art department’s exhibitions in cooperation with partners from Hungary and Finland, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) ja Hämeen University of Applied Siences (HAMK).

Exhibition takes place simultaneously in two galleries

“PINSOL” Hop gallery, 7th-26th May 2015

“SÄRFITUD” Design and Architecture Gallery 12th-23rd May 2015 

Shoes made by students are being exhibited at „PINSOL“ in Hop Gallery. On display are boots and shoes produced with innovative industrial methods while keeping in mind traditional craft practisies. The unifying element is the pinsol-detail, that keeps the shoe together. Pinsol is the spine of a shoe.

Design and Architecture Gallery’s exhibition “SÄRFITUD” exhibits accessories from recent years: sandals, bags, hats and gloves. This exhibition brings together works from three universities, setting works that have been created far from each other into dialogue. The name of the exhibition is a specialist term that binds and unites students’ work.

Workshops that show different aspects of leather work will take place as part of these exhibitions in Design and Architecture Gallery. Participants of the workshop can make a handstitched leather accessory – PINAL

Exhibition was assembled by: Marta Moorats, Mari Masso, Kaire Olt, Jaana Päeva, Anneli Filipov, Lennart Mänd.

Exhibition is designed in cooperation with Estonian Academy of Arts Interior Architecture & Furniture Design  students Kadri Ruusna, Mari-Liis Sõber, Maria Liiva, Kaarin Kokk , Alina Nurmist, Kadri Tonto, Albert Buchkov and Graphic Design MA students Maarja Jullinen ja Mart Varik

Special thanks to:

Móni Segesdi, Reet Klettenberg, Hannes Praks,

Kultuurkapital, Ungari Instituut, Eesti Instituut, Skinnova OÜ, Brunner OÜ, Räpina Paberivabrik AS 

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