About Open Academy

The Open Academy is the most extensive lifelong art education environment in Estonia, which provides study opportunities outside the state-commissioned education system.

We welcome everyone who wishes to acquire a further education in art, or a new profession; or to improve their art-related knowledge, or to simply to deal with a creative field.

The Open Academy provides diverse study opportunities for people oriented to furthering their personal development and to increasing their competence. We collaborate with other institutions of art education in Estonia and the rest of Europe. We also act as a developmental partner for institutions that are interested in art-related in-service training, by providing training that meets our partners’ needs.

The fields of activity at the Open Academy include:

  • continuing education, incl in-service training;
  • preparatory courses;
  • summer and winter academy;
  • projects.

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Kristiina Krabi-Klanberg

Head of the Open Academy


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Pirje Kõvatomas

Continuing Education Program Manager

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Piret Frosch

Training Coordinator


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Elise Eimre

Marketing Specialist