Dora Plus


Dora+ Programme

Supporting the internationalisation of higher education, mobility and the next generation, Dora Plus will be implemented within the framework of priority direction no. 4 ‘Incremental entrepreneurship and internationally competitive research and development activities’ of the measure ‘Enhancement of the international competitiveness of Estonian R&D and participation in pan-European research initiatives’. The implementer of the activity is the agency of education internationalisation at the Archimedes Foundation; Estonian higher education institutions are involved in the activity as partners.

Dora Plus will run from 1 August 2015 to 31 May 2023 with an operational budget of 22,567,790 euros, of which support from the European Regional Development Fund forms 87.29%.

The activities support the fulfilment of the objectives of the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020 higher education programme, Estonian research and development activities, the ‘Knowledge-based Estonia’ innovation strategy 2014–2020 and the ‘Estonia 2020’ competitiveness plan.

Dora Plus includes four actions.

Action 1: Participation of young researchers and Master’s degree students in the international exchange of knowledge

In the framework of this action, support is provided for the short-term study mobility of young researchers and Master’s degree students to foreign countries. Young researchers and Master’s students in Estonia’s higher education institutions have the opportunity to participate in a professional conference, seminar, course or other professional activity abroad by means of the support.

Action 2: Inclusion of foreign Master’s students and doctoral students

Within the framework of this action, Estonian universities offer support to foreign Master’s students and doctoral students who study full-time and guest doctoral students who are in Estonia for a short period of time. NB! Due to the end of the program, the application round will not be opened for the 2022/23 academic year.

Action 3: Organisation of summer and winter schools

Within the framework of this action, specialised, intensive, short-term courses at universities in Estonia are organised primarily for foreign students.

Action 4: Marketing of study and employment opportunities in Estonia

Within the framework of this action, activities are carried out that are related to marketing Estonia’s study and employment opportunities in foreign countries, and offering information to exchange students in Estonia.

Dora Plus programme HOMEPAGE

Dora Plus programme coordinator in Estonian Academy of Arts is Irene Hütsi (e-mail:


Dora Plus Sub-Activity 1.1 - Short-term Study Migration

Application deadlines 2022:  October 1, November 1

Application form.

Manual for the Grant of the Dora Plus sub-activity 1.1

Study and research-related short-term mobility of young Estonian researchers and Master’s students to foreign countries.

Who can apply?

  • Master’s students
  • Doctoral students
  • A person studying on the basis of an integrated curriculum who has earned at least 180 ECTS
  • Resident physicians
  • Young lecturers and researchers who are not older than 35 years or who did not defend their PhD thesis more than 5 years previously. The age limit does not apply to students. Those who have been on parental leave have to chance to extend the limits proportionally.

Grant could be used for participating in a professional conference, seminar or course, or carry out other educational or research-related activities (working in libraries, using laboratories, developing study materials, working with a supervisor, participating in field work, consultations or other similar tasks. Acitivities abroad must be closely related to the grantee’s current teaching and research work.
Study mobility may last up to 30 calendar days (inclusive).

NB! The grant cannot be applied for by students studying in Estonia for a short time period of time (e.g. visiting doctoral students, Erasmus+ exchange students), because they are not matriculated to the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Grant amount

The expenses are compensated as sum of the following unit prices: study mobilty transport allowance, study mobility accommodation allowance, daily allowance (32 EUR per day). Participation fees will be covered based on cost. Maximum amount of the grant is 2000 euros.

More info in Harno web-page

Dora Plus Sub-Activity 1.2 - Study Migration of Doctoral Degree Students

Application deadlines: 

Application form.

Manual for the Grant of the Dora Plus sub-activity 1.2

The study mobility of doctoral students from Estonian universities to a foreign university or research institution lasts from 1–10 months.

More info in Harno web-page

Dora Plus Sub-Activity 2.2 - Support for visiting doctoral students

The scholarship is intended to support visiting doctoral students (hereinafter also referred to as ‘scholarship holder’) who come to Estonian Academy of Arts for studies and research related work for the period of 1-10 months. The minimum period of study mobility is 30 calendar days.

Please see guidelines here

Study mobility means physical relocation to a foreign country in order to study, participate in training or in non-formal or informal learning.

The scholarship may be applied by a person who:

  • who is a doctoral student at the foreign university;
  • who is not a resident of the Republic of Estonia;
  • who has not been in Estonia for more than one year during the past three years.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship holder shall be paid a living allowance and a study mobility grant of a visiting doctoral student.

The living allowance of a visiting doctoral student shall be paid to the scholarship holder during the period in which they stay in Estonia. The amount of the living allowance corresponds to the doctoral allowance that is established each year by the state budget. The living allowance of a visiting doctoral student for 2020/21 study year is 660 euros per month.

The study mobility grant shall be paid to the scholarship holder to cover their travelling costs between the university of a foreign country or residence, and the location of an Estonian institution of higher education. The amount of the study mobility grant depends on the distance between the point of departure and destination and shall be calculated pursuant to Archimedes Foundation guidelines and fixed unit prices that can be found on Archimedes Foundation web page. No study mobility grant shall be awarded for travelling only one way. The study mobility grant shall cover all travel-related costs, including local transport.

How to apply

The visiting doctoral student in cooperation with the local supervisor (the local supervisor of the scholarship holder in EKA shall be a lecturer or research employee who has previous experience in supervising doctoral students or an internationally recognized creative person in the field of arts) shall submit the following documents to the EKAs Dora Plus programme coordinator in order to apply for the scholarship:

  • individual work plan signed by the supervisor specifying the objective (up to two pages in total) for the period of staying in Estonia;
  • letter of confirmation signed by the local supervisor with a written consent to supervise the visiting doctoral student;
  • proof of matriculation of the scholarship holder from home university regarding their doctoral studies;
  • copy of the ID card/passport.

At the time the application is submitted, at least 30 days must remain until the onset of the study mobility.

Final report

The scholarship holder shall submit a final report before the end of the study mobility to EKAs Dora Plus programme coordinator.