Entrepreneurship consulting and programmes

The answers to these questions can be provided by the Academy’s Research and Development Department (R&D Department), which gives advice on issues related to  establishing businesses, applying for financing, carrying out projects, and protecting intellectual property; and brings students together with entrepreneurs for the purpose of cooperation.
The department administers the following Internet portals and programmes that are useful for the students, graduates and faculty members:

This page provides information on entrepreneurship and careers, and is designed for the members of the Academy. Information is available on entrepreneurial events and competitions, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, training, seminars, careers, practical training and project management. Join the startun.ee Facebook page to keep updated on the happenings in these areas of activity.


An international online entrepreneurial and career centre that is directed at students are still studying or have graduated in the creative fields, or entrepreneurs active in these fields.  The partner universities of the Career Centre are the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Estonian Academy of Arts, the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, the Aalto University Small Business Centre in Finland and the Royal College of Music in Sweden.
Students can find information, from the Career Centre, on developing their careers, or establishing businesses, in Estonia, Sweden or Finland. One can also create a profile on ArtUpCareer.net, search for cooperation partners from among the other profiles and find job offers in the business offers section. Join the portal, make new contacts and participate in international projects. In the autumn of 2013, the first joint ArtUpCareer course on entrepreneurship was held for the students attending the Academy of Music and Theatre and the Academy of Arts. For more information also check the Facebook page.


The Academy’s students have the opportunity to participate with the Academy in a mutually beneficial cooperation model, by establishing a firm that is called an Academy spin-off company.
The Academy spin-offs get support for implementing their businesses, possible commissions for projects from the R&D Department, and if there are vacancies, they can rent studio space at a discount in the dormitory building at Kuhlbarsi 1 (www.yhikas.ee).
In return, the spin-offs are expected to provide practical training positions for the Academy’s students, discounted services/products, the promotion of the Academy’s spin-off company outside of the academy, and help in organising the Academy’s entrepreneurial events.   Check out the active Academy spin-offs at start.artun.


The Academy participates in the Access project financed by the Central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme 2007-2013. The project promotes and supports the entrepreneurial skills of the students in the creative fields; which, in turn, help them to find job opportunities in the creative economy sector, and to increase the competitiveness of the creative economy sector in the Baltic countries. The project also promotes the collaborative network encompassing Estonia, Finland and Sweden, which helps the graduates of creative fields to get a better overview of job opportunities in Estonia and the other countries in the vicinity.