STARTUN Programme

STARTUN is an entrepreneurship consulting programme at the EAA for helping our students enter to the world of entrepreneurship, start their own business and find entrepreneurial outcomes to their creative production.

The time and duration of the program is individual and involves guidance sessions with the consultant individually and in a group. The program includes mapping the student(team)s current situation and goals, defining a viable business model and developing a strategy for entering the market. With more advanced endeavors we will look further and aim at creating a development strategy for your business.

During the program the consultant will help you plan marketing and sales, advise you on bookkeeping and various bureaucratic procedure issues. Regarding specific questions, consultations with mentors and experts will be arranged and incorporated into the process.

You will also have access to all of the relevant seminars, hackathons and lectures at the EAA.


All participants of STARTUN could join the business idea development program  STARTERcreative starting with Loomehäkk hackathon.  This program is running once a semester and all seminars and events are in English. 

Also all students/alumni of EAA EKA could rent co-working space at SpringHub and participate in Creative Estonia product and export development programs – PESA and PESA+. The program information is an Estonian but You may apply for the program if You speak English. 

Please contact me for meeting:

Kelli Turmann

6 267 345

Counselling takes place at the R&D Office

Estonia pst 7, 5th floor

room 512

STARTUN Programme
STARTUN Programme

Kelli Turmann

Kelli Turmann

Entrepreneurship Consultant

6267 345