Mobilities beyond EU

First time ever can students apply for Erasmus+ grants, which can be used for traineeships (during studies or as recent graduates) outside of EU.

Application form is available HERE. Deadline is June 15!

More information regarding the requirements and grant rates can be found down below.

Requests for ERASMUS+ traineeships in EU are accepted on an ongoing basis. For more information, please contact the International Office separately by calling +372 626 7388 or via email

Exchange studies outside of EU

EKA students are welcome to apply for exchange studies at partner universities outside EU.

Take a look at the list of partner universities HERE.

Currently we have two scholarships to offer for exchange studies in Israeli partner universities:

  • Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
  • Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem
  • Holon Institute of Technology

In case of competition, the decision will be made by the EKA scholarship committee.

Global traineeship

Erasmus+ global traineeships can be done in any country which is situated outside of EU, incl. Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, North Macedonia, Serbia and the United Kingdom.

Exchange studies and training scholarships are available for all the students in EKA, incl. BA I year students and soon-to-be-graduating students.

Erasmus+ enables students to use up to 12 months of funding from the programme per study level. Students can use if they want use those for exchange studies, training, during studies and/or recent graduate training. Recent graduate traineeship is included to study level which was graduated last

Students must keep in mind the following requirements:

  • minimum duration for traineeships is 2 months (60 days) and maximum 6 months (180 days)*
  • students are responsible for finding themselves a place for traineeship. You may ask advice from your speciality department.
  • host organisation must confirm their acceptance with a confirmation letter (it needs to be attached to the application form)
  • motivation letter needs to explain student’s desire to go on global traineeship and the selection of the host organization
  • student must have left enough Erasmus+ months
  • grant application for a recent graduate traineeship needs to be submitted before student graduates EKA (while being on a last semester)
  • recent graduate traineeship has to be done within 12 months after graduation

*PhD students can also organise short-term mobilities (5-30 days).

Host organisations can pay salaries for students, but it is not compulsory.

Students are obliged to have a proper health and liability insurance for the time of traineeship. It must be right from the start of the traineeship.

Students can go on Erasmus even during their academic leave (if taken at your own request) or extension.

Students may have extension of nominal study time according to number of semesters spent abroad. Not the case if traineeship is done during extension! Extension is given when student has done minimum 15 ECTS abroad.

If you are a fee-paying student, then you still need to pay the tuition fee during the semester abroad (unless you are on an academic leave)

Grant rates and extra support


Both mobility options, exchange studies and traineeships, determine students grant in an amount of 700€ per month. In addition students are eligible for travel support, where the amount depends on the distance between the host country and Estonia.

In case of short-term mobilities for PhD students, the support is based on the number of days the mobility lasts:

– days 1-14— 70 € per day
– days 15-30 — 50 € per day

Extra support

Additional support is eligible for students, who have a disadvantaged background. This means are either:

  • receiving needs-based study allowance
  • having underaged children to take care of
  • having reduced working capacity

The amount of extra support is 250€ per month.

Students with special needs are entitled to have additional funding. Contact international office for more detailed information: