Academic Leave and Extension

Every student has the right to take a student leave of one year. When students are on voluntary student leave, they are not covered by health insurance! In addition to voluntary student leave, students have the right to go on student leave

  • to take care of a child, until the child is 3 years old;
  • for up to two years, for health reasons;
  • for one year, to serve in the Defence Forces.

A copy of the corresponding child’s birth certificate, doctor’s certificate or the draft notice must be attached to the application.
The application forms are available from the website.

When taking student leave:

  • an application must be filled out;
  • application must be submitted to study specialist

The deadlines for submitting applications for student leave are indicated in the academic calender. 
Final course students who are not defending their theses may, as an exception, submit an application for voluntary student leave in May (exact dates in the academic calender)

Student leaves end automatically. If a student wishes to end a leave prematurely, the corresponding application must be made to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

In the case of students who go on academic leave at a point when they have been studying for half of the semester or more, the semester will be considered a completed semester and 30 ECTS is added for it. For that reason, students are advised to choose either a semester or academic year as their period of academic leave; this is the optimum way to continue studies placed on hold for the duration of the academic leave.

Students are ineligible to apply for student loans during academic leave. In addition, study allowance is not paid to students on academic leave.

Note! Academic leave interrupts a residence permit.



Students who go on academic leave for health reasons do not have the right to take part in academics or to sit for examinations and other tests. The Academy cancels declarations made in the Study Information System (ÕIS) for students going on academic leave.


Students can apply to extend their studies for a maximum of 12 months in order to catch up academically, at every stage of the studies. In this way, the study time does not increase, and the student is considered to have exceeded the standard study period. Students can apply to extend their studies by the deadline indicated in the academic calendar.