For the New Student


The Study Information System (SIS) is an online database where information on the university students’ studies is stored and made available. The address for SIS is When you log in, you will see the information intended just for you (class schedule, written orders, grades, etc.). A user account is created for each student by the Department of Academic Affairs, contact


All the Academy’s students and employees get an Academy e-mail address from the IT Department The e-mail addresses are created on the principle: first name.last name

The Forum is the Academy’s public online forum, where private and public information is exchanged for free – from free kittens to searches for roommates; the forum also provides lots of news about cultural events. All interesting parties, even those outside the Academy, can join the Forum. Letters can be sent to the forum at You can register for the Forum list at

ISIC CARD = DOOR CARD (but not the ISIC Student card issued by panks)

One’s status as a student is proven by an ISIC card, which all students can apply for. To apply for a student id card, please contact EKA administrator Svetlana Lesment, (or the information desk at EKA main building). The price of an ISIC card, for one academic year, is starting from € 7.50. It takes about 10 days to get the card. You will be notified by e-mail when the card is ready, and you can pick it up from the information desk by the main door.

Your student card is also your door card in EKA. If you lose the card, please notify the information desk about it and the access rights will be removed from the lost card.


Career counselling and psychological counselling are support services available to all Estonian Academy of Arts students who are seeking assistance in making decisions related to their career path or who would like support in coping with hardship in their personal lives.

To arrange an appointment, please contact psychologist and career counsellor Triin Juhanson beforehand. E-mail: