Scholarships for international students

Name of the scholarship programme: Estonian national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff (Dora Plus). The scholarships for Master’s study are intended to support the degree study of international students at the Estonian institutions of higher education (HEI).

The scholarship for degree study is paid for twelve calendar months each academic year during the nominal period of study, except the last academic year of the nominal period of study when the scholarship is paid for ten months. A scholarship is paid on condition that the scholarship recipient is studying full time and completes cumulatively at least 75% of the coursework required by the curriculum by the end of each academic year.

Scholarship amount: 350 EUR per month. Additional costs such as tuition fee, health insurance and other costs will not be compensated.

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Doctoral allowance

The amount of doctoral allowance is 660 EUR per month.

Conditions and procedure for granting and payment of doctoral scholarships at EKA

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