This is a small sample of students’ work, conducted as part of the Urban Studies program:

On alternative forms of housing

“Housing: Design and Politics” workshop, academic year 2016/2017

The new power grid

Studio “The production of urban space”, academic year 2016/2017

Crash course to Tallinn

Typomorphology studio, academic year 2016/2017

The future of Talllinn’s inner city

Scenario project studio, academic year 2014/2015

(Johanna Richter: Mutating Tallinn)

(Livia Gazova: The future of stagnation)

(Anna Lehrer: Inbetween)

The memory field: post-socialist spaces in transition

Urban ethnography workshop, academic year 2014/2015

Futures of the past, pasts of the future

Research studio, academic year 2013/2014

Northern Tallinn: between ‘potential’ and the everyday

Research studio, academic year 2012/2013

Typomorphology of Tallinn Old Town bastion belt

Typomorphology studio, academic year 2012/2013

Urban identity of Nõmme district in Tallinn

Research studio, academic year 2012/2013