The election committee of the Estonian Academy of Arts will announce elections of the Rector on Friday, 24 October. Term of office of the Rector will start from 4 April 2015.

Any person who is or has been elected to the post of a professor can apply for the post of the Rector. Applicants can be submitted to the election committee by the councils of faculties of the Estonian Academy of Arts, at least one fifth of the members of the Council of EAA (jointly), ordinary professors of the Academy, student council, the Rector currently in office and former Rectors as well as councils of other Estonian research and development institutions.

Term of submission of applicants is 25 November 2014.

The Rector will be elected by the election council consisting of the members of the Council of the academy, ordinary professors, heads of departments, chairs and institutes, members of the student council, representatives of teaching staff, representative of the Board of Governors and six representatives of the public art circles.

The election council will convene for electing the Rector in January 2015.

Further information about elections of the Rector of the Estonian Academy of Arts is available in Estonian at the web page of EAA  

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