Avatud loeng: Iisraeli Shenkar College’i õppejõud Samson Shafran

Iisraeli Shenkar College’i õppejõud Samson Shafran
3D Modeling and Printing
26.04.2016, 9-12
Estonia pst 7, rm 405
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Kõik huvilised on oodatud Samson Shafrani (Shenkar College, Iisrael) avatud loengule 3D tehnoloogia võimalustest tuleval teisipäeval, 26. aprillil, kl 9.00 – 12.00, Estonia pst 7-405.

“3D Modeling and Printing – New Technologies and Developments in Design, Software Applications and Manufacturing”

– An exploration on how 3D Modeling has shaped a multitude of Design segments, from Fashion Design to Architecture during the last decade.

– Practical examples of the use of 3D Modeling software in Design Development.

– New Trends, Attitudes and Developments in the field of 3D Printing, along with Current and Possible Research Fields.

– Sourcing of suitable Aids, Models, Techniques, Software and Manufacturing in 3D Modeling field.

Samson Shafran viibib EKA-s Erasmus+ stipendiumiga ning juhendab praktilist 3D valikkursust.

Samson Shafran

After Receiving a Degree in Fashion Design form University of Westminster, Samson Shafran worked as a free-lance Fashion Textile Designer with variety of companies based in London, Los-Angeles and Singapore.

Since his return to Israel in 2007, Samson Shafran has been teaching at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design at Textile Design as well as Interior Building and Environment Design departments, at a variety of courses, majority of which concentrate on the implementation of Computer Design Software into the students creative development and workflow.

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