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EKA Summer Academy – Possible Futures!  extended deadline is on June 10!

Choose your course:
Numbers and Cognition in the Urban Environment – field research course supervised by Raul Kalvo and Mikk Meelak/EKA
Sculptural Headwear – Couture Millinery – learning by doing course lead by Eia Radosavljevic/School of the Art Institute of Chicago
The Contemporary Art Field in Estonia – experiential course supervised by Maarin Ektermann and Jan Christoffer Rutström/EKA
Courses are for HE students (Bachelor, Master or Doctoral level) and free.
You can apply to KUNO, CIRRUS or Nordic Baltic Academy of Architecture scholarship to cover the transportation and other expenses.
“EKA Summer Academy of Art, Design and Architecture – Possible Futures” is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
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