Summer Academy: Interaction Design Tomorrow

Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn

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Dates: 6–10 August 2018

Volume: 40 hours, 3 ECTS

Location: Estonian Centre of Architecture, Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn, Estonia

Number of participants: max 20

Cost: FREE (Please note that this course is meant for higher education students only)

Registration deadline: 6th of May

Aimed at design students; no programming skills necessary.

In addition to the general required materials, candidates are expected to submit a letter of motivation explaining why they are applying and outlining their experience with Interaction Design so far (max A4). Students are expected to bring their own sketchbooks, markers and laptops.

Over the course of a week you will learn about the foundations, history and possible futures of interaction design within a studio environment. This 5-day hands-on workshop provides a solid foundational knowledge of user experience (UX) design for new practitioners, as well as an in-depth exploration of interaction design for experienced designers. The course gives participants space and guidance to delve deeply into theoretical and practical aspects of interaction design by investigating contemporary issues and proposing design solutions.

Through a series of lectures, films, historic case studies and studio practice, participants will explore the nature and aesthetics of interaction design in the digital and physical space, in individual and group studio practice from ideation and the iterative design process to presentations and critique.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about design foundations, theory, history and practice
  • Understand how to look at problems from social, technological, economic and cultural perspectives
  • Practice design research and synthesis
  • Learn how to be creative in the digital realm
  • Improve your ability to present your design concepts
  • Practice working individually and in small teams

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