We kindly invite you to the vernissage of “Materealize” showing the outcome of a two week KUNO workshop lead by Marco Reichert on Monday, 27th of May at 6 p.m in EKA G, Estonia pst 7 / Teatri väljak 1, Tallinn. 


Samuel Bachy
Hanni Kamaly (
Andrea Ágústa Aðalsteins
Valgerður Sigurðardóttir
Pascal Mayet (
Elvine Lund (
Sanna Laaban
Alexandru Raevschi
Nora Adwan (
Egil Paulsen (
Kristina Marmokaite
Kelly Toode
Ian Simon Märjama

Curated by Marcho Reichert who states that:

The main focus of this workshop was exploration of materials used in art in order to question what is considered ‘normal’ within art production. The aim was to discover uncommon objects from domains not usually considered and the discovery of uncommon materials to create a different kind of materiality in arts.

The range of materials used to create new shapes and surfaces or in more general terms “a visual output” becomes larger every day. Modern technologies and modes of communication are making it possible for artists to explor scientific fields and discover materials that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

However not only high-tech substances were taken into account during the workshop but also the use of everyday objects as raw material for visual artists. Through connecting and breaking common conventions of materiality, we aimed to develop something completely new and unexpected creating another level of content in the student’s work.

The exhibition will close on the 5th of June. EKA G is open daily from 9.00 to 17.30.

Supporter: Klaasissepa OÜ

Thank You: Maria Jürisson, Sandra Sule and KUNO