Summer Academy: Wood and Design

Viljandi, Estonia

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Dates: 20–25 August 2018

Volume: 6 days, 3 ECTS

Location: Loodi Manor, Viljandi, Estonia

Number of participants: max 22

Cost: FREE (Please note that this course is meant for higher education students only)

Registration deadline: 6th of May

In addition to the general admissions requirements, candidates are expected to submit a letter of intent describing their interest in attending the workshop, and a PDF portfolio including documentation of at least one project relevant to the use and/or attributes of wood.

This 6-day workshop Wood and Design in the lush woodlands of Viljandi, Estonia, focuses on the design aesthetics, ecology, and sustainability of wood. Exploring themateri al properties of wood through its use in design, the workshop invites participants to build a set of functional wooden objects for outdoor living with the simplest of means. Participants will utilise wood, as a naturally-occurring renewable material, in two forms: solid slab and left-over scraps from local lumber mills. The workshop is therefore not only community-inspired, with materials sourced or found locally, but also meets the ever-growing need to reclaime and recycle waste wood.


2nd and 3rd year BA students and MA students in Interior Architecture, Furniture Design, or the equivalent.

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