Kunstnikepaar Varvara & Mar esitavad oma töid kahel isikunäitusel Hispaanias

Kunstnikepaar Varvara & Mar esitavad oma töid kahel isikunäitusel Barcelonas ja selle ümbruskonnas. 12.detsembril avaneb ”Data Soup” näitus ArtDealProject galeriis Barcelonas, mis jääb avatuks 30.jaanuarini 2018.

Näitus räägib andme-ja tehnoloogiast sõltuvast ühiskonnast ning sellega kaasnevatest mõjudest. Igapäevaselt toodab inimkond ja masinad meie ümber umbes 2.5 exabyte andmeid. Internet pole enam vaba, vaid kontrollitav ja jälgitav ruum.

14.detsembril avab kunstnike duo oma isikunäituse ”Kameeleon” Abello Muuseumis Mollet del Valles, mis jääb avatuks 25.märtsini 2018.

Näituse lühikokkuvõte inglise keeles:

Chameleon exhibition tackles current political and identity-related issues, which makes the show very actual and open for discussions and interpretations. The complex identity crisis, due to the cosmopolitan and connected age, is the reason for losing the sense of belonging, and from the other hand, the appearance of radical nationalism.

The exhibition aims to trigger questions about the dominant countries of our society, the meanings of fags, and the raising nationalism in the cosmopolitan age. The topics are highly correlated with the ethnic backgrounds of the artists and the politics of today. Varvara & Mar both struggle identifying themselves according to a nation, and thus, the artworks mirror their complex identity issues, too. At the same time, the growing amount of people experience the same belonging crisis in the mobile and connected times. Hence, the show has multiple layers from personal to global interpretations.

Chameleon exhibition mirrors the artistic language that Varvara & Mar normally use in their works: light, kinetics, interaction, readymades, and textile. The artists use different media in their installations, which are brought together by the concept of the exhibition.

The central symbol throughout the exhibition is a flag. We see raising amount of flags around us communicating a support for certain nation or a group, but at the same time stating being against the other party(s). Hence, the duo use this symbol in the show and also outside the museum, in order to bring attention to this fact and trigger discussion around burning topics of today.



Varvara & Mar

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