Textile, Go On! Smart Environment for Everyone. Külalisõppejõudude loengud 23.-26.08.2016

Prof. Dr. Salvinija Petrulytė and Prof. Dr. Donatas Petrulis, the lecturers of Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design (Lithuania) present the course Synergy of Science, Art and Technology for Innovative Materials Dedicated for Knowledge Driven Environment in Estonian Academy of Arts. The teaching mobility (August 22-26) is supported by NORDPLUS Higher Education’2016 Programme (Nordic Council of Ministers).

Textile as an interdisciplinary subject incorporates the science – physics, biotechnology, computer science, microelectronics, polymer chemistry, materials science as well as the arts. Textiles of 21st century are multifunctional products combining various tasks in our social context. Intelligent materials and systems are capable to sense and respond to the environment stimuli, such as mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, magnetic or other in a predictable and useful manner. So, they can serve as a mean to increase the potentiality of knowledge driven environment over the world. The future lies in the potential of combining artistic creation and advanced technologies.

About lecturers:

Salvinija Petrulytė: Doctor (1994), Habilitation (2004). Scientific field: Technological Sciences, Materials Engineering. Work experience in Kaunas University of Technology (since 1988), Vilnius Art Academy (1993-2007), in Lithuania. Scientific Supervisor of 3 defended Doctoral Dissertations. Published 135 scientific works in Lithuanian and foreign editions, author/co-author of 5 books. In more than 35 international and national scientific conferences presented about 65 reports on the investigation/development/optimization of fibrous materials, smart textile design, textile heritage.

Donatas Petrulis: Doctor (1989), Habilitation (2004), Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Main scientific fields: Materials Science, Textiles, Coatings & Films, Composites, Characterization & Testing, Mechanical Engineering. Scientific Supervisor/Consultant of Doctoral Students (since 2006), Member of Committee/Council of Materials Engineering Science trend, Expert of Research Council of Lithuania. Lecturer of Erasmus+ and Nordplus for Spain, Bulgaria students. Author of about 130 scientific works, participant of 39 scientific conferences.

Loengud toimuvad 23.–26.08.2016 ruumis E-405, tekstiilidisaini osakonna valikaine “Advanced Fibrous/Smart Materials: Development and Applications” (“Uued kiud/targad materjalid: arengud ja rakendamine”) raames. Osalemiseks vajalik registreerumine aadressil merle.lobjakas@artun.ee

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