The Cultural Endowment of Estonia presented its annual awards with many going to members of the academy

The Cultural Endowment of Estonia presented annual awards for 2016 at the Kohtla-Järve Cultural Centre on the evening of 20 January. Architects, artists, stage designers, film-makers and researches who have studied and worked at the Estonian Academy of Arts received accolades in bulk.

Lifetime achievement award: Jaak Kangilaski – for educating several generations of Estonians in art history and theory, and for writing and editing a number of textbooks and introductions to art history, as well as for his decades-long work as lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the University of Tartu.

Lifetime achievement award: Helle and Taevo Gans – a legendary duo in the family of Estonian interior architects, who since the second half of the 1960s have influenced the development of Estonian product design, exhibition design and interior architecture (interior designs for Viru Hotel restaurant and banquet hall (1970), Ranna Sovkhoz holiday home (1976), Valgeranna holiday home of the Council of Ministers of the ESSR (1980), Narva-Jõesuu holiday home (1981) and Eesti Pank infill building (Estonia pst 11, 1998 ). Taevo Gans was a member of the founding assembly of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects established in 1990. He has contributed his time and ideas to both the board and council.

Mission award: Mare Raidma – for preserving film heritage and organising exhibitions on film costumes.

Young film-maker award: Helen Unt – for her animated film Out of the Internal Worlds. The short film about the endeavours, tentacle-eyes and inner ears of snails gives hope that the young author is bound for greatness.

Best animated film of the year: Mattias Mälk and Martinus Daane Klemet – Fatcula.

Paul Kuimet – for his tense, aesthetic and meaningful artworks, and for his exciting year with exhibitions at Espace Photographique Contretype in Brussels, Tallinn City Gallery, Kilometre of Sculpture in Rakvere and for the monumental installation at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia.

Tamara Luuk – for her playful and artist-centred work as a curator and editor with the exhibition Beauty and the Beast. Tiit Pääsuke and Kris Lemsalu and the book Kadri Mälk. Testament.

Mare Mikoff – for constantly re-conceptualising sculpture and monumental art and for the clever dialogue between tradition and innovation at her Tartumus exhibition Mikoff. Sculptures.

Jaanus Samma – for his socially sensitive exhibition project NSFW. A Chairman’s Tale, which tackles the important topic of sexual minorities and, more specifically, the unwritten history of gay men.

Anu Vahtra – for her convincing installations at the Draakon and Hobusepea Gallery exhibition A Fact in Space. After Exhibitions and broadening the concept of site-specifics with the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia display at Art Brussels.

Congratulations to all and keep up the enthusiasm!

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Henri Hütt. Photo by Eero Vabamägi, Postimees
Henri Hütt. Photo by Eero Vabamägi, Postimees
Estonian Academy of Arts, E.L.L. Kinnisvara and Merko Ehitus combine forces to advance urban planning processes in Tallinn

The Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts is launching the large-scale urban studies project UNFINISHED CITY in collaboration with the City of Tallinn with the kind support of E.L.L. Kinnisvara. Over the span of three years, E.L.L. Kinnisvara and Merko Ehitus will altogether contribute half a million euros to the collaboration project.

In the autumn semester, EAA in cooperation with Merko Ehitus opened the professorship of energy efficiency at the EAA Department of Architecture and Urban Planning that is led by the renowned Austrian architect Bernhard Sommer. The collaboration project will be presented on 26 January. More info will follow tomorrow.
Pedestrian movement in Tallinn city centre, ongoing research project, 3D Lab, Damiano Cerrone, Renee Puusepp
Pedestrian movement in Tallinn city centre, ongoing research project, 3D Lab, Damiano Cerrone, Renee Puusepp

A new book on the studios of young Estonian artists featuring a rich collection of photos was launched this week

The interview book compiled by art historians Merilin Talumaa and Annika Toots was presented at the Rundum Artist-Run Space (ARS House) on Tuesday 24 January. The book contains visits to the work environment of 16 young Estonian artists, and opens via interviews and photo material factors that affect their space and how it is reflected in their art practice. There are two versions of the book: one in Estonian and the other in English.

All the artists interviewed have studied at the EAA: Kris Lemsalu, Laura Põld, Timo Toots, Flo Kasearu, Ivar Veermäe, Karel Koplimets, Kristi Kongi, Tõnis Saadoja, Jaanus Samma, Edith Karlson, Jass Kaselaan, Anu Vahtra, Paul Kuimet, Laura Toots, Mihkel Maripuu, Maarja Tõnisson and Mihkel Ilus.

The book is published by the Estonian Academy of Arts Press

Artists’ Spaces

Compiled and interviewed by Annika Toots and Merilin Talumaa

Edited by Neeme Lopp

Photography by Kristina Õllek

Graphic design by Jaan Evart

328 pages, in Estonian and English

Estonian Academy of Arts Press, 2017

The release of this book is being supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Hooandja, Nordea, Estonian Contemporary Art Development Centre and European Regional Development Fund.


Merilin Talumaa

+372 526 6272

Annika Toots

+372 5300 8878

Neeme Lopp

+372 502 9286

New issue of the Studies on Art and Architecture is available

A new issue of the Studies on Art and Architecture (25/3-4, 2016) has been published and also includes articles from the EAA lecturers Ingrid Ruudi and Raivo Kelomees.

Garage48 Spatial Hack winners announced

Over the weekend, another instalment of Garage48 took place at the EAA Department of Interior Architecture, which on this occasion focused on hacking space. The teams were looking for solutions to make interventions or hack the urban space during Tallinn Music Week. Over the next ten weeks, the winning idea will be developed to make it ready for TMW.

The winners were:

Grand Prix

Telliskivi Creative City Special Prize: a furnished coworking space for 6 months in Telliskivi Creative City

La Muu Special Prize: 24 packs of La Muu ice cream straight from the factory

Connecting Chair

A new kind of chair design that helps people to socialise

Mirko Känd, Semel Kari, Ellen Sepp, Kirke Mae Pähn

Garage 48 Special Prize

Free participation at one Garage48 hackathon of choice

Open Doors

Interactive art installation that brings life to forgotten parts of Tallinn

Roland Arnoldt, Andre Tamm, Siim Karro, Andreas Krigoltoi, Maria Luiga

Tallinn Music Week Special Prize

Free festival passes

Social Hub

Turning garage complexes into contemporary creative districts

Tiina Pärtel, Sarah Maria Thees, Anastasija Malkova, Emely Mihkelsoo, Liina Soosaar

EAA Department of Interior Architecture Special Prize

Free access to wood workshop, electronics lab and welding studio with consulting

Elotsõõr (mobile sauna)

Magnus Sirelmets, Mark Kristian Küttim

Great thanks go also to team no. 5!


A room in public space to disconnect from the world

Lill Volmer, Saskia Epp, Lõhmus, Veera Gontsugova, Dan Docherty

Many thanks to the jury members:

Jaanus Juss (Telliskivi Creative City)

Pärtel Soosalu (Tallinn Music Week)

Yoko Alender (architect, Cultural Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu)

Rasmus Rask (La Muu)

Rain Rannu (Garage48, Fortumo)

Sven Kirsimäe (Pipedrive)

Welcome, new friends!

53 new exchange students started their spring semester at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition to the usual European countries, students from Chile, Palestine, Israel and Japan will study at the EAA thanks to the Erasmus+ global mobility programme this semester.


Several master’s theses were defended today at the Academy

Tiina Sillar defended her master’s thesis “From shibori to digital print – the essence and appearance of one textile design technique. Unity, a collection of interior textiles” under the Design and Crafts programme with a specialisation in Textile Design at the Faculty of Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Supervisor: Tartu Art College Associate Professor Kadi Pajupuu (MA). Reviewer: Lylian Meister (MA).

Tiina Sakermaa defended her master’s thesis “Nacke portal. The history, technical research and conservation of the St. Nicholas Church main portal” at the EAA Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation. Supervisor: Isabel Aaso-Zahradnikova. Consultant: Rein Kaur.

Presentation of the results from the Cities and Mobility workshop

27 Jan 2017 at 14:00

Faculty of Architecture, Pikk 20, Tallinn

During the workshop, new algorithms were created and already existing algorithms tested to simulate movement in space.

The participants investigated how to use agent-based modelling where every agent or “mover” can be assigned rules of conduct and test them in simulation models. They explored whether movement simulation can be used to analyse the existing space and generate new space, and how movement simulation can turn into a stimulation of movement networks in urban space.

An out-doors experiment was made to observe the behaviour of people in urban space and to s(t)imulate it by using programmed resources. The simulations/stimulations will later be used in a research project of the department.

Supervisors: Renee Puusepp, Damiano Cerrone, (Taavi Lõoke)

Everyone is welcome!


You are kindly invited to the opening of Sofia Hallik’s personal exhibition Born-Digitals on Thursday 26 January 2017 at 18:00 at Hop Gallery (Hobusepea 2, Tallinn). The exhibition will remain on view until 14 February.

Norman Orro’s personal exhibition Down to Earth

20 Jan - 4 Feb 2017

EAA Gallery, Vabaduse väljak 6/8

Courtyard of the Tallinn Art Hall

Debris of radiant thermoplastic.

Crumbled tarmac afloat in lava.

Bamboo sticks and GPS satellites.

Anthro-glamour set in Rosetta stone.

A noisy planet.

A world full of car sirens for the Lyre bird.

A foreign entity, an unidentified object, a Strange Stranger.

From the Heavens above…

Down to Earth.

Norman Orro is a Tallinn based artist, producer and graphic designer who also works under the alias Music For Your Plants. MFYP is an ongoing audiovisual sound-art project that has manifested in concept albums, installations, visual essays and collaborations with Estonian and international artists.

MFYP performs associative research into sonic globalism, digital cartographies of post-colonialism and the exotic, using non-human agents as a mode of communication. MFYP’s work evokes an image of a world after humans where objects are given agency to speak to and of themselves.

Special thanks for collaboration: V5MT

Down to Earth will remain on view until 4 February.

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Museum of Natural History, HiFiClassic

Food and Vessel

The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Gallery

21 Jan - 26 Feb 2017

Food and Vessel, an exhibition organised by the EAA Department of Ceramics, is on show at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Gallery

The outcome of Food and Vessel, a collaboration project between the Estonian Academy of Arts and local eating establishments, is on display at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Gallery. During the project, students of the EAA Department of Ceramics created tableware for Estonian cafés and restaurants with a notable part of the sets having gone through a development process and in actual use.

For several years, the EAA Department of Ceramics has led a project that aims to connect young ceramicists with local cafés and restaurants. With a focus on the needs and wishes of different eating establishments, the designers have proposed their own approach, which has given birth to objects and sets that reflect the specifics and character of the establishment. Leaving behind the standardised environment, the tableware creates a close bond between the guest and satisfaction from food.

Participant establishments: restaurant Moon, restaurant Kolm Sibulat, Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm Restaurant, restaurant Neikid, restaurant Leib Resto ja Aed, Gustav Café, Alexander Restaurant of Pädaste Manor, Black Taverna Lounge, restaurant F hoone and restaurant Kapten Tenkeš.

The exhibition will remain on view until 26 February.

More info:

Urmas Puhkan

Ingrid Allik
Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm Restaurant. Bread plate. 2015/2016. Igor Filjušin. Author’s copy. Supervised by Heikki Zoova, Ingrid Allik, Ene Raud, Karin Kalman
Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm Restaurant. Bread plate. 2015/2016. Igor Filjušin. Author’s copy. Supervised by Heikki Zoova, Ingrid Allik, Ene Raud, Karin Kalman
Jaanus Samma’s personal exhibition Divider

21 Jan - 11 March 2017

Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Lastekodu 1, Tallinn

Jaanus Samma’s personal exhibition “Divider” at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery deals with the marginal, peripheral areas in the urban environment, with its focus on public restrooms. These places where the boundary between public and personal can easily fade have traditionally been defined by gender roles. The artist views men’s toilets as exclusively masculine environments that have in different cultural and historical time-spaces created ways for many forms of communication.

In his new works, Samma creates a total installation in which rich Historicist forms alternate with robust everyday items, representing an ambivalent game of meanings. The works shown at the exhibition deconstruct the public restroom using different media, offering the viewer a collection of urinals, toilet bowls, toilet roll holders and toilet pulls. One of the basic elements of this spatial analysis is the urinal divider, which gives the exhibition its name. As a symbol, it expresses the connecting function of the public toilet that acts like a social stage – a place where different personalities and shared experiences come together, and where public and intimate space meet.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Thanks to: Alessandra Arancio, Elisa Genovesi, Magdaleena Maasik, Tõnu Narro, Martin Rünk, Eugenio Viola, Nomas Foundation

Mikk-Artur Ostrov’s exhibition Self-Portrait 4

Kumu Art Museum

13 Jan - 9 Feb 2017

Open Posts

Internship for EAA students in the Estonian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Contemporary Art Centre, Estonia and the Estonian Academy of Arts are looking for interns from 9 May to 26 November for Katja Novitskova’s personal exhibition If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eye in the Estonian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The exhibition is curated by Kati Ilves. In the project, the artist links the advanced digital society with topics of sci-fi eschatology. Data collection and processing have long transcended the limits of our planet and have become the tools with which to map surfaces across the Earth and beyond. As a result, new visual languages and pictorial material are continuously being generated in enormous quantities. Katja Novitskova will stage an installation with images and spaces that people are used to experiencing on the internet.

We are looking for 2-4 guides who would stay in Venice from two to six months. The guide’s task is to guard and introduce the exhibition, Estonia and Estonian art, sell catalogues, keep the pavilion operational and contribute to the exhibition communication on social media. In collaboration with our foreign partners, we’re offering the intern an ERASMUS+ grant that will partially cover living and travel expenses. It is only possible to apply for the grant if the student has not used up their ERASMUS+ quota (12 months). Also students who will graduate from the EAA this year are eligible to apply.

After finishing the internship, the student will receive credit points.

Prerequisites for the applicant:

• excellent command of spoken English; command of other languages and especially Italian is an advantage

• excellent knowledge of Estonian art and culture

• motivation to introduce Estonian art

We offer:

• experience of international collaboration in the art field

• possibility for accommodation in Venice

Please send your CV and cover letter to Kaarin Kivirähk ( by 6 February 2017.


CCA project manager Kaarin Kivirähk

For additional info about the ERASMUS+ programme, contact the EAA Department of International Relations


is hiring a


of the Faculty of Architecture

Main tasks:

Planning and organising the work of the Department of Interior Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture in cooperation with the Head of Department. The work includes following tasks:

• Communicating academic information and organising the information flow

• Handling study documentation, including the Study Information System

• Collecting information about study loads and forwarding it to the Department of Academic Affairs

• Compiling various contracts that are required for organising studies

• Forwarding study-related information to foreign and visiting students in cooperation with the Department of International Relations and Academic Affairs

• Compiling study-related reports

• Other tasks pertaining to study and managing the department

Prerequisites for the candidate:

• Higher education

• Excellent command of spoken and written Estonian

• Excellent command of spoken and written English

• Computer skills for programs relevant for the position

• Cooperation skills

• Good communication skills

• Routine and stress tolerance

• Accuracy, precision and responsibility

Optional Prerequisites:

• Prior experience of administrative work

• Experience in handling documents

• Experience in organising work

• Interest in architecture and design

The EAA Faculty of Architecture offers:

• Inspiring work in an innovative environment

• The possibility to meet the most prominent professionals in the field

• The possibility to participate in exiting projects as administrative support

• A youthful work environment

• Holiday time of 35 calendar days per year

Other information:

In order to apply, please send your CV and cover letter via CV Keskus or to the e-mail address by 3 February 2017 at the latest.

Additional information:

Location: Tallinn

Start of job: as soon as possible

Type of job: full-time job

Contract type: work contract

Salary: starting from 1000 euros per month

Solveig Jahnke
Kommunikatsioonijuht/Head of Communications
Tel +372 6267 111
Mob +372 5626 4949
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