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Most of the 25 most beautiful books of 2016 were designed by EAA members

Congratulations! Several books designed by alumni and teaching staff of the Estonian Academy of Arts have been chosen among the 25 Best Designed Estonian Books of 2016, which were announced at the National Library of Estonia on 10 February.

One of the best designed books was Alice Kask’s catalogue designed by lecturer Mikk Heinsoo, which features an excellent binding technique and minimalist line. Tuuli Aule, alumna of the Department of Graphic Design, designed the book "Juhan Kuus. The measure of humanity. 45 years of documentary photography in South Africa", which garnered praise for its stylish and reader-friendly rendition; lecturer Brit Pavelson designed Anu Sööt’s Loovtants, which was highlighted as a memorable and functional book. "Öömõtted" was designed by animation master student Jonas Taul., "Noor Unt" by former dean of Fine Arts, Andres Tali, "Riigi saladus. Turms, surematu" was designed by lecturer Heino Prunsvelt. "Eesti Rahva Muuseumi peahoone Raadil. Essee ruumikultuurist" designed by alumni and lecturers Uku-Kristjan Küttis and Maria Muuk along with former student Jaan-Joosep Sarapuu was awarded the Golden Book special price of the National Library of Estonia for its conceptual coherency and technical mastery.

The 25 Best Designed Estonian Books of 2016 exhibition will remain open until 4 March in the Main Exhibition Hall of the National Library of Estonia.

See the books here
Golden Book! Design by Uku-Kristjan Küttis, Maria Muuk, Jaan-Joosep Sarapuu; texts by Gregor Taul
Golden Book! Design by Uku-Kristjan Küttis, Maria Muuk, Jaan-Joosep Sarapuu; texts by Gregor Taul
Academy of Arts to take part in the Intellektika fair in Tartu

On 17 February, the Estonian Academy of Arts will take part in Intellektika, the biggest education fair in the south of Estonia, where the most important educational institutions introduce their choice of curricula to young students. EAA will be represented by photography student Cloe Jancis, MA student in New Media Roman-Sten Tõnissoo, textile design student Anni Mari Rohumäe, and fashion and graphic design students along with representatives of the Department of Communications Solveig Jahnke and Reesi Kallas.

The fair will take place at the Tartu Näitused fair centre, Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 60, Tartu 51014, on Friday 17 February at 9:00–18:00. Entrance is free for students of Tartu basic and secondary schools; for others, it costs 2 euros.

Spread the word – EAA will be there!


Wednesday 15 Feb

Design education 50. Open lecture series 9 Faces of Design: Aleksander Jakovlev, Design Education after the End of the University

Aleksander Jakovlev, one of the most renowned lecturers of the Estonian Academy of Arts, will give a talk titled Design Education after the End of the University at the Apollo store in Solaris Centre on 15 February at 18:00. The talk will be part of the 9 Faces of Design lecture series and is dedicated to the anniversary of 50 years of design education in Estonia.

Participation is free of charge.


Universities have mainly been created to guarantee development opportunities for individuals, along with nurturing and sharing the intellectual property that essentially makes up culture. So it has been since the foundation of the University of Bologna (in 1088) or at least since Authentica Habita (1155–58) was adopted. Things have changed since then. Universities are no longer focused on their traditional goals; instead, they make compromises between continuing scientific progress and global socio-political demands that result in the disappearance of the humanist claim for universality from higher education, and an increasingly more evident degradation of the latter to the level of vocational education with all the accompanying limitations is apparent. This also concerns academic art education, the problems of which have become evident in educational models where entire art disciplines exist only as an economic theoretical dimension and not as cultural monuments of the present. What are our options and what will design education look like in the academic reality of the near future?
Design by Aimur Takk
Design by Aimur Takk
Thursday 16 Feb

Open Lectures series to bring Jelle Feringa, maker of robots in architecture, to Tallinn

On 16 February, a truly futuristic topic will be discussed at the EAA Faculty of Architecture: what will happen to cities and the profession of architect when robots take over construction sites? Will the architect become just a writer of the system, a coder of robots or a creator who supervises it all?

On 16 February at 18:00 at Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn, the Open Lectures series of the EAA Faculty of Architecture will proudly present Dutch architect Jelle Feringa, one of the founders and managers of the Danish architectural robotics factory Odico. On Thursday, Feringa will talk in Tallinn about the changes that robotics are bringing to the world of architecture: what are the things robots can do already today and how the new opportunities could influence our living environment in the near future. All architecture students, professionals and members of the general public intrigued by spatial matters are welcome. The lecture is in English and is free of charge.

In addition to the open lecture, Feringa will give a workshop in architectural robotics to EAA students the following day, where he will test the new robot of the Department of Architecture. ‘This is one of the most important issues in contemporary architecture: how to transfer digital information into physical material without compromising the geometry and spatial structure with feasible financial and time resources. Using robots is one of the ways to ensure geometrically intricate spaces and shapes can be transferred from the digital world into our daily material experiences,’ explains Dean of Faculty of Architecture Toomas Tammis.

Presentations at GD Project Space: Rab-Rab journal and Maruša Sagadin

There is an event aimed at the wider art public taking place at Graphic Design Project Space this week. The event will host the political art journal Rab-Rab and artist Maruša Sagadin.

GD Project Space is a project space that tackles the issues of graphic design theory and alternative education and is located in a small gallery space in Kopli at Paavli 1A/Kopli 33 (bus no. 52, Angerja stop). The programme is available at and it’s worth following them on Instagram @projektiruum. For questions and proposals, write to Maria Muuk ( or Ott Kagovere (

Facebook event


Wednesday 15 Feb

Tallinn Noir films

Kino Sõprus, 15 February at 18:00–21:00

Free entrance

The screening featured films that were made during the Tallinn Noir international workshop, which took place at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition, films by workshop supervisors Nicolas Boone, Jaana Kokko and Arnis Balčus were shown.

The Tallinn Noir international workshop took place at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Estonian Academy of Arts from 6 to 15 February. During the workshop, 19 art students from the Nordic and Baltic countries made ‘one-scene-films’ set in Tallinn. The participants focused in intensive collaboration on various layers of everyday life in Tallinn. The young artists experimented with the February light and engaged critically with the spatial characteristics of the town. Lectures on film theory were given by Dr Eva Näripea, Director of the Film Archives of Estonian National Archives, and filmmaker Dr Dirk Hoyer. The students received expert feedback on their works from Jaana Kokko from Finland and Arnis Balčus from Latvia. The workshop was given by the French artist Nicolas Boone, who has an experimental and process-centred approach to filmmaking.

The workshop was financed by Kuno, a network of Nordic-Baltic fine art academies, and was supported by the Estonian Academy of Arts and the French Institute of Estonia. The workshop was organised by the EAA Department of Photography and Chair of Graphic Art.
Photo by Laura Kuusk
Photo by Laura Kuusk

Estonian Filmmakers Union presents:

Film Tuesdays: Priit Pärn retrospective

21 Feb, 28 Feb, 7 March and 14 March

Tallinn Cinema House revives Film Tuesdays! From 21 February, the Cinema House will show a topical screening programme with retrospectives of Estonian directors. Four screenings/four Tuesdays that present a film selection curated by professionals of the field will be dedicated to each Estonian cinema icon included in the programme. The screening will be followed by a talk with the filmmaker.

The first retrospective will focus on Priit Pärn, founder of the EAA Department of Animation.

21 February at 19:00

1. Soviet time + shorts (35 mm) / moderated by Andreas Trossek

28 February at 19:00

Feature film by Pärn / moderated by Mari Laaniste

7 March at 19:00

3. Priit and Olga / moderated by Andra Teede

14 March at 19:00

4. Changing world + commercials / moderated by Olav Osolin

Tickets: €4 / BFM and EAA €2 / free for members of the Filmmakers Union

Tickets are available at the door one hour before the event.

The screenings take place at the Estonian Filmmakers’ Union cinema hall at Uus Street 3 (Sinilind café building).

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Film Institute, Joonisfilm, Film Archives of the National Archives of Estonia and Olav Osolin.

Thanks to: Priit and Olga Pärn, Tristan Priimägi, Rutt Raudkivi, Lea Tegelmann, Rain Põdra, Maarja Kaasik, Vallo Pooler and Martin Ilves.


Tuesday 14 February

Peer-review of Anna-Stina Treumund’s personal exhibition

The peer-review of M’s Wet Dream, a personal exhibition and creative part of the doctoral project by Anna-Stina Treumund, EAA doctoral student in Art and Design, will take place at Tartu Art Museum on Tuesday 14 February at 16:00.

The exhibition is open from 9 December 2016 until 26 February 2017.

The supervisors of the doctoral project are Dr Eneken Laanes (Tallinn University) and Dr Redi Koobak (Linköping University).

The exhibition will be peer-reviewed by Eha Komissarov (Art Museum of Estonia) and Dr Raili Marling.

The exhibition focuses on the female body, its natural functioning and the limits set on it by the male-centric society.

EAA Gallery

Debris by Triin Loosaare and Egle Lillemäe

For the first time, you have the extraordinary chance to marvel, buy and exchange exclusive Debris products that have to date only been available in our web shop.

You can find a unique collection of carefully chosen debris in the Debris travelling pop-up shop. The products can be bought or exchanged for items of the same value. Slip some valuables into your pocket and come shopping for something useless you never want to throw away!

Web shop



noun de·bris \də-ˈbrē, dā-ˈ, ˈdā-ˌ, British usually ˈde-(ˌ)brē\

: the pieces that are left after something has been destroyed

: things (such as broken pieces and old objects) that are lying where they fell or that have been left somewhere because they are not wanted


Retrieved from, 13 Dec 2015


Debris is a brand created by collectors Triin Loosaar and Egle Lillemäe, who have been collecting useless things for several years now. In 2015, they launched a web shop and now the time has come to open the first travelling pop up shop, to make the collected treasures available for people to marvel, feel and sniff in real life, and to bring relief from causality and functional reality. Debris products can be bought with standard currencies but also exchanged for objects of the same value. The stock varies and grows with active co-collectors, so the shop can be opened brand new at yet another place.

The exhibition will remain on view until 4 March.

Graphic design by Viktor Gurov.

The artists would like to thank everyone who made the exhibition possible.

EAA Gallery is located at Vabaduse väljak 6/8 (entrance through the inner courtyard of Tallinn Art Hall) and is open Tue–Sat, 12:00–18:00.

SAKAUSEJOT ROBEŽAS/MELTING LIMITS, an exhibition of glass art

Riga, Latvia

2–25 Feb 2017

The exhibition featuring works from the glass art programmes of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian art academies was opened in the Main Exhibition Hall of the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga on 2 February 2017. Works by both teachers and students are shown together with speciality books. The Estonian participants include teachers Eve Koha, Tiina Sarapu, Piret Ellamaa, Kristiina Uslar, Peeter Rudaš and Mare Saare, and students Marilin Laas, Sigrid Luitsalu, Rait Lõhmus, Kristiina Oppi and Ksenia Beljajeva.

Ambassador of Estonia to Latvia Mr Tõnis Nirk gave a speech at the opening.

Artists, teachers and art historians presented their papers at the Glass Art in Baltic Context: Challenges and Prospects conference on 3 February. Professor Mare Saare introduced the project based learning of the Glass Art curriculum of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The Melting Limits exhibition will remain on view until 25 February.
Ksenia Beljajeva
Ksenia Beljajeva
Professor Mare Saare from the Department of Glass Art with the exhibition banner
Professor Mare Saare from the Department of Glass Art with the exhibition banner
EAA doctoral student Varvara Guljajeva to take part in a light festival in Canada

Artist duo Varvara & Mar are the only international artists to participate at the GLOW Winter Light Festival that will take place on 17–20 February in Calgary, Canada. The artist pair will show their interactive light installation titled Smile, which has also been exhibited at the Tallinn Winter Festival and the Tartu light festival TAVA.

Varvara & Mar will give two workshops on the topic of light at the GLOW festival: one is targeted at artists and designers, and the other at children.

Artists Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet will give a master class at the Media Arts faculty of the local art academy: Alberta College of Art and Design.

See more

Last week to see Between the Archive and Architecture in Kumu

Between the Archive and Architecture, an exhibition curated by Kati Ilves showing works by EAA alumni Neeme Külm, Krista Mölder and Associate Professor at the Chair of Sculpture and Installation Taavi Talve is only open until the end of this week. Read also Ingrid Ruudi’s essay in Sirp and Marge Monko’s interview with Taavi Talve in Areen (both in Estonian).


STARTERcreative, an entrepreneurship programme for creative industries, to start again in the spring semester!

This collaborative programme between five partner universities helps you find a good business model to suit your idea, and it teaches you all the basic business skills you need (business development, product development, service design, marketing, creating a business model, selling, pitching and other topics). All of this is with the help of the best mentors in Estonia.

The programme starts on 21 February! Participation is free of charge and does not require any previous entrepreneurial knowledge. Read the programme and sign up today at

The training sessions and events will take place in different universities in Tallinn city centre with the start time of 17:00 (duration 2.5 hours). All activities and developments will be carried out in the format of workshops, and there will be no homework assigned. All participants who finish the programme will receive a certificate or diploma with potential cash prizes.

Check out the programme schedule at


Kelli Turmann, Entrepreneurship Consultant, EAA

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