Mustpeade maja

Pikk 26, Tallinn

The EAA was established in 1914. It  is the only public university in Estonia providing higher education in fine art, design, architecture, visual culture and conservation. The Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts is the major competence centre of architectural education in Estonia, covering the entire sector of architectural disciplines, including architecture, interior architecture, urban design, furniture design, landscape architecture and urban studies. 

The research work of the Faculty of Architecture is divided into two major areas. The first focuses on the history, theory and philosophy of architecture, interior architecture, urban design, furniture design and landscape architecture relying primarily on the methodology of the history of architecture and philosophy. The second concentrates on the practice of the above-mentioned specialties which are studied from the within by the means of the given field instead of the external view taken by the history and theory of architecture. The practice-based research is further divided into two approaches:

1. Creative practice research is founded on the new knowledge and original problem statements that stem from the work of an architecture office thus presupposing a well-functioning venturous practice with a track record of innovative design and research projects. It is intended for practicing architects who wish to develop the experimentation, innovative problem statements and solutions conducted in architecture offices into academic research.

2. Within ‘research by design’ the research results in a product with the respective creative processes, novel research topics and solutions. It is intended primarily for recent MA graduates and often requires the availability of most recent hardware and software.