ULD’s past

The conference marks the 11th edition of the annual Urban and Landscape Days (ULD), a venue for wide-ranging and inter-disciplinary interrogation of ‘the urban’. The previous conferences, traditionally organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts, were the following:

ULD X, 2013 (Between architecture of war and military urbanism) link

ULD IX, 2012 (Shaping city regions)

ULD VIII, 2011 (Incidental urbanism)

ULD VII, 2010 (Social street)

ULD VI, 2009 (TIMEWIDE: Thinking the city in deep scale)

ULD V, 2008 (Changing ahead of time: Toolkit of urban activism)

ULD IV, 2007 (Research and activism)

ULD III, 2006

ULD II, 2005

ULD I, 2004

Postitas Urbanistika

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